Set against the backdrop of a Cambodian rainforest, Relax Gaming ripped up the script for its flagship release of 2024 and threw everything they had at the latest addition to the popular Tumble series.

SlotBeats recently saw the curtain pulled back on a title that represents the 15th iteration of the ongoing series, with a product showcase held in the glorious Gibraltarian sunshine.

Following this, Shelley Hannah, Chief Product Officer at Relax Gaming, addressed the progression of the group’s Tumble titles, why this represents the very best of what has been produced thus far and what the future roadmap could comprise.

SlotBeats: Can you start by telling us the premise of Ancient Tumble in relation to the wider series?

Shelley Hannah: Creating a sequel to a flagship title, or the continuation of a series such as the Tumble one, requires a delicate balance to ensure the game holds close to the narrative of its predecessors – offering familiarity while also adding new elements to keep the game fresh and innovative.

Ancient Tumble sees our valiant explorer, Pencho Printz, descend deep into the Cambodian jungle in our most feature-rich Tumble release to date. We felt it was important to bring the narrative to life as well as creating a game which brings plenty of value and excitement.

SB: How does Ancient Tumble differ from previous games in the Tumble series? 

SH: The significant difference players will immediately notice when entering the game for the first time is the addition of the upgrade spins toggle. 

Upgrade spins have quickly become a player favourite, and many providers are now offering alternatives. Ancient Tumble introduces Relax Upgrade Spins for the first time, where players can select from three enhanced bet level options that range in the multiplication of the chosen base bet. 

When deciding on what features to include in Ancient Tumble, we aimed to give players a selection that are individually exciting and complementary to each other.  

SB: Relax claims that this release is the best of Tumble all rolled into one, why is this? 

SH: Since the first Tumble game five years ago, the award-winning series has gone from strength to strength to include titles such as Templar Tumble, Cluster Tumble, and Torii Tumble, all carrying the same core mechanic that has made it a hit.

We have gone all out to pack Ancient Tumble with as much action as possible, including colossal symbols, coin reveals and multipliers, unbreakable wilds, a Golden spin, a multiplier ladder, four standard feature options, plus my personal favourite, a Hot mode.

We found a way to carry on this rich vein of creative excellence during the design process, drawing players closer to the action. The enticing background music and sound effects accompany the game’s stunning visual design and animations. Not only the best of Tumble all rolled into one, but without question, Relax Gaming’s game of the year release for 2024.

SB: Is it important that you ensure these releases maintain some level of familiarity to keep players coming back for more? 

SH: Since the conception of the Tumble mechanic, we have created multiple games that carry the same core mechanic set against a multitude of backdrops, from Japanese Samurai in Torii Tumble to a Sloth running a fruit stall in Sloth Tumble. All proved to be flagship releases for Relax due to the strength of the Tumble mechanic.  

From a narrative perspective, Ancient Tumble has close links to Temple Tumble, so it was important to keep elements of the original story alive, continuing the player journey for those who joined us since the release of Temple Tumble back in 2019. 

SB: After Ancient Tumble, where do you see the future of the series going? 

SH: The Tumble mechanic will continue to be a staple on the Relax roadmap for the foreseeable future. It’s a mechanic we love to challenge ourselves with, and an excellent base to try new ideas, improving and creating new features for our players to enjoy in a familiar core mechanical setting. 

Regarding the continuation of our fearless Temple explorer, I am sure that if another undiscovered tomb or relic hidden from civilisation is discovered, he will be the first on the scene.