When the word streamers is mentioned in the outside world, most people assume console/PC gamers playing the likes of Fortnite and FIFA. Yet behind the video gaming industry there’s a streaming section which is constantly evolving.

The world of slot streaming is a forever growing trend in the online gaming industry. According to TwitchMetrics, slot streaming is placed 18th in terms of viewership, racking up over 12.5 million viewing hours for September.

Streaming from an early age GetLowe, real name Austin, began his journey at the age of 15 where he streamed games such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft and H1Z1. However, from April of this year he turned his attention to slot streaming, beginning his spinning adventure and has since never looked back. 

At the time of writing, GetLowe’s official Twitch channel has 11.3k followers with his YouTube subscribers sitting at 632. One of his biggest wins came when playing Dead or Alive 2 claiming an impressive 12,000x multiplier and being awarded $40,000.

SlotBeats spoke to Austin about his still new slot streaming experience, his passion for the craft, his ambitions and more.

SlotBeats: What’s your name and where are you from? (pseudonym, real first name, nationality, where you live) 

Austin: My Name is Austin, and I am currently living in Germany with my beautiful wife and my dog and two cats but heading to Arkansas.

SB: When did you get into streaming/start playing slots? 

Austin: I started streaming/content creation at age 15, I’m now 24 but I only recently, in April,  got into slot streaming, and I love it.

SB: What’s your favourite thing about streaming slots play? 

Austin: Interacting with the chat, I love when they get super hype with me. I’m a bit of a goof when it comes to the streams so I’ll play epic music and try to get a save on the slot.

SB: What has been your favourite slot moment streaming? 

Austin: Winning the 40k for sure. I was spinning .90c for like 30 minutes, after having a random gut feeling, I deposited $500 and upped the bet to 3.60 on Dead or Alive 2 and well… 12,000x

SB: What obstacles, if any, did you have to overcome when you first started streaming? 

Austin: For sure looking down on myself. I’m my biggest enemy. I am always nitpicking and getting annoyed with myself. 

SB: What was your ambition when you first decided to get into slot streaming? 

Austin: To build a community that everyone can be a part of but at the same time spreading the awareness of responsible gambling.

SB: What are your favourite types of slots and why? 

Austin: Anything like a fruit party, or fruit themed slot. Also I love the high volatility slots.

SB: What would you be doing if you weren’t a slot streamer? 

Austin: Whelp, I’m in the United States Air Force.

SB: What would be your ideal slot if you could make one? 

Austin: High stakes high reward, something colorful to grab attention, but not too flashy.

SB: What makes your streaming channel such a success? 

Austin: Honestly I don’t know, I never thought gambling could change my life for the better, and not in the financial way. The people I’ve met and get to hang out with all the time are incredible, it’s a great community.

SB: Has slot streaming changed your life in any way? 

Austin: For sure. I used to only stream to like three viewers, and two of them were me. It feels good knowing that I found something that people enjoy watching me for and something that I think can bring more people into other types of streams

SB: Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t be likely to already know? 

Austin: I honestly love classical music, or even classic music mixes, they slap.