In the latest episode of Beyond the Reels, we’re joined again by AvatarUX as we take a look at another PopWins title, the company’s recently released PapayaPop

Joining SlotBeats’ senior reporter, James Ross, was Hubert Spala, game producer at AvatarUX, who delved into the title’s jazzy 1920’s theme and inspiration behind it, the PopWin mechanic and how it was utilised compared to previous titles and the features within the slot. 

“It all started around the idea that we wanted to make a fruit game. Fruit games are eternal, they are never going to get old yet at the same time, we didn’t just want to make another fruit game. 

“We had to decide how we would put our own unique twist on [fruit themed slots], so we decided to use luxury fruits. That was the first idea. Once we had our fruits, we then said ‘why don’t we make them golden and shiny?’

“Another idea which cropped into our heads is ‘why not make this a roaring 20s slot’ as it has a very polished and distinguished style. This is all sold by the music which has a big band swing roaring background.”

Ross then pressed Spala on how the PopWin mechanic stands out among the rest of its portfolio, with the game producer revealing the slot mechanic within PaypayaPop, a “little bit of an alteration of an older game.”

He continued: “It’s the same mechanic with a twist. The twist here is the unlimited free spins. It’s the first game within our series to attempt this. But, the PopWin mechanic is the same as always, trusted and tried! 

“Each time you win, the symbols pop, the symbols disappear and you expand the reels to get more ways so there’s no change to a winning formula here. We just wanted to enter the free spins more, and enjoy the free spins for as long as they are generous.”

Spala went on to explain more about AvatarUX’s future plans for the PopWin mechanic and how the title’s wheel feature enhances the free spin bonus gameplay.