It’s a trip to a haunted Aztec pyramid in the latest episode of Beyond the Reels, as Lady Luck Games’ Product Manager, Morten Olesen, takes us through the studio’s recent title, The Treasures of Tizoc

A 6×3-5, 3,600 to 15,625-payline video slot, Treasures of Tizoc comes with ‘The Hunt for Lost Treasure’ bonus game, respins, gargoyles, coins and a buy bonus option.

However, before Olesen delved into the features of the game, he explained the reasoning behind tackling a theme which has seen numerous variations in the past.

He noted: “There are a lot of [Aztec-themed slots] out there but we didn’t have one in our portfolio and we really wanted to do one! This is my first Lady Luck Games title that I have been involved in from start to finish and I’m really proud of how it has turned out. 

“Up until this game, we made some odd games like Madame Clues, Rooftop Fight and Mr. Alchemister. Those games weren’t traditional slots. So we were looking into doing something a little more traditional but still innovative. 

“What makes this game stand out, like all the other Lady Luck titles, is the outstanding graphics. We have some really talented artists working here. The graphics are what get people in, but the gameplay is what makes them come back.” 

As previously mentioned, the title comes with a bonus round entitled The Hunt for Lost Treasure. This sees players roll a dice and work their way around a path inside an ancient Aztec pyramid in an attempt to make it into the treasure room, all whilst avoiding ghosts that can end the bonus.

Explaining how this mode works, Olesen noted: “You walk around this path creating piles of gold. But each time you steal a treasure, a ghost will appear. You need to be aware of these ghosts because they will kill you. 

“In the game, we also have treasure rooms, so you can unlock a secret hidden path where the treasures will be even bigger and when you complete the level, you go down into a new one and the prizes will go up but the ghosts will haunt and follow you in there. 

“For the first level, you’re safe but for the following ones, you can actually see ghosts that you can land on. We created 64 different maps, so the player will experience a different layout of the pyramid each time, which I think is a very cool experience.”

Olesen also explores what players can expect to experience in the base game, why Bonus Buys are becoming more popular in the current market, the inspiration behind Treasure of Tizoc and what fans of Lady Luck Games can expect in the next six months. 

However, Olesen warns that certain information comes with a price!   

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