Football fans have been spoiled this summer, with two of the largest continental competitions – EURO 2024 and Copa America – providing a full schedule of action across the next month.

One slot studio hoping to also capture the hearts of football fans is Booming Games, as the studio released its first title in collaboration with Brazilian football icon Ronaldinho Gaucho, Ronaldinho Spins.  

We spoke with Frederik Niehusen, Chief Commercial Officer at Booming Games, about the advantages to working with such a recognisable sporting superstar, how Ronaldinho contributed to promoting the slot and future releases to be added to the Ronaldinho series.

SlotBeats: It’s been a week since Ronaldinho Spins was released. Can you explain the reaction from the industry for this title, and how it has performed since its release?

Frederik Niehusen: Since we announced our partnership with Ronaldinho, the demand for Ronaldinho Spins has been incredible, especially in Brazil. Ronaldinho’s global popularity combined with a soccer-themed slot game, timed with a summer full of sports events, created a perfect storm for success. The game has significantly increased Booming Games’ brand awareness and popularity. We’ve seen a surge in interest from both existing clients and new prospects, with many of them eager to secure exclusivity for the game in their key markets.

The release of Ronaldinho Spins has also sped up the signup and onboarding process for new clients, which is a fantastic outcome for us. Working with Ronaldinho has boosted our visibility among players as well, offering a unique product tied to a personality with impressive global reach. Ronaldinho has been actively promoting the game to his followers and fans, which has certainly contributed to its success.

SB: What was it like working with such an iconic football superstar on this project?

FH: Exciting! Not only because I have always been a fan myself. Meeting a globally recognized legend and having lunch together is not everyday business. Ronaldinho and his team are very professional and truly believe in the power of their brand. They choose their partnerships carefully and prefer to work with people they have personally met and get along with. It only took us a few months to agree on a deal, develop the game and launch it with our top clients. The process was very smooth, and both parties trusted each other completely.

SB: Which promotional activities or campaigns do you think had the most significant impact on the game’s performance?

FH: The exclusive offering for a predefined period was incredibly impactful. In the highly competitive casino world, everyone is hunting for standout, unique products that give them an edge over the competition. We decided to offer the game exclusively per market, as many clients committed to promoting it heavily with prime positioning and strong CRM campaigns.

Looking ahead, we can expect even more excitement during EURO 2024 and Copa America. Many clients have dedicated categories for these events and are pushing soccer-themed games with intense CRM campaigns. Ronaldinho Spins stands out in these categories and has been voted the best soccer-themed game in the market.

One of the most fun promotions involved sending signed merchandise to some of our clients. They added these signed items to very attractive prize pools for tournaments featuring Ronaldinho Spins. I mean, who wouldn’t want a signed jersey by Ronaldinho? This kind of promotion not only created buzz but also engaged players in a unique way.

SB: The first slot launched under the agreement is Ronaldinho Spins. Can you tell us more about the game and some of the unique features it includes? 

FH: This is a really great slot that delivers plenty of heart-stopping football action with every spin. Players join Ronaldinho and watch the ‘magician’ work his insane skills to help them go for goal and score some potentially big wins. From the kick-off to the final whistle, there’s end-to-end bonus action starting in the base game where the Ronaldinho wild appears on reels two, three and four. When he lands, he expands to cover the entire reel.

To secure the match win, players will want to see the three bonus ball scatter symbols shooting across the goal line as when they do, 12 free spins are awarded with additional free spins up for grabs if more scatters land while the bonus plays out. Ronaldinho wilds are also in play and if two or three additional wilds appear, a further three or five free games are awarded. There’s also a symbol upgrade active and the option to buy the bonus.  

SB: Ronaldinho Spins is part of a series of games. Can you give us a sneak peek into what’s next for this series?

FH: Players and operators can look forward to a diverse offering within the Ronaldinho Series, featuring various game types that are not only entertaining but also distinctly different from one another. Each game in the series will showcase unique graphics and innovative gameplay mechanics, ensuring there’s something fresh and exciting for every player. We’re committed to expanding the Ronaldinho series with high-quality, engaging games that continue to celebrate Ronaldinho’s legendary career and appeal to a global audience of gaming enthusiasts. 

SB: As you look to the future, what are your aspirations for the next big project after Ronaldinho Spins?

FH: As we look ahead, we see tremendous value in continuing to create branded content with the right partners, which we believe is very beneficial for our company’s growth. We are actively collaborating with other brands and personalities to develop and launch unique games that resonate with our audience. Stay tuned as we look forward to sharing more exciting updates in the near future.