The upcoming CasinoBeats Summit in Malta is fast approaching as the event’s agenda focus takes shape, one of the key focuses will be the role of slots streamers in the industry

In a recent interview with CasinoBeats, Senior Conference Producer, Natalie Lees, revealed that the event is providing a ‘unique opportunity for streamers’. 

It comes at a crucial time for streamers with regulatory frameworks around advertising evolving and operators looking for new avenues to engage players. 

Lees stated: “CasinoBeats invites streamers to an exclusive experience where they can play the latest slot games launching only at our conference. This unique opportunity not only enhances their content but also fosters community engagement among streamers. Attendees can connect directly with leading operators and suppliers, exploring collaborations and gaining insights into industry innovations.” 

She went on to underline the role they play, describing them as “influential advocates” for the sector. 

“Streamers, as influential advocates, provide real-time reviews to their audiences, amplifying the impact of exclusive game launches”, continued Lees. 

“CasinoBeats serves as a dynamic hub for the gaming community, offering shared experiences, connections, and the latest in gaming innovation, benefiting all participants involved.”

Jack Richards, who is also senior conference producer at SBC also detailed the importance of streamers and why they will take a key place on the agenda at the Summit. 

He stated: “Streamers, with their close-knit link to affiliation and marketing, provide a 2024-centric approach to what the current and next-gen players will be interested in, and how they will consume content. Getting as many of these streamers in as possible will create a vibrant, festival feel for the event, and more importantly, the more we stream, the more the event will get screen time.”

When it comes to compiling the agenda, Richards also underlined the crucial element of creativity. 

He continued: “The best ideas come from thinking outside the box, so by bringing in speakers from other industries we are giving the best tools to do that thinking. Attendees can gain a broader perspective with cross-industry insights from tech trends to marketing strategies.”