In part two of our SBC Leaders-led crash games special, BGaming takes to the stage. The igaming supplier is commonly associated with entered the scene through a familiar route, with that being via the theme of space rockets in its January 2022 Space XY title. 

Nick Dzneladze, Senior Product Manager, sat down with SBC Leaders to discuss why crash games seem to appeal to a younger audience, the impact of social features on the format and whether crash games’ success correlates with a growing desire for instant-gratification.

CasinoBeatsWhy has crash maintained such a strong crossover appeal with younger gaming audiences, compared to traditional casino games?

Nick Dzneladze: Younger gaming audiences are more interested in more modern mechanics that they have seen or played on their mobile phones, rather than traditional slot machines. 

In many regions, classic slots are often perceived as a ‘one-armed bandit’ that controls your winnings. Crash games give players a feeling of control, which involves them selecting their own multiplier and choosing when to cash out. It can make the game feel more interactive and trustworthy than traditional casino games, which rely entirely on luck.

CasinoBeatsTo what extent do you think the appeal of crash games comes from society’s growing reliance on instant-gratification?

ND: I don’t think the appeal of crash games comes solely from society’s growing reliance on instant gratification. While it is true regarding quick rewards, other factors are also at play. 

For instance, there is a fundamental difference between a slot game and a crash game. In a slot, the player spins and waits for the outcome, or uses the auto-play feature, with very little interaction with the game.

In a crash game, anticipation is much stronger, as the player places a bet and watches the game field to decide when to cash out. The player makes this decision at the peak of their expectation, evoking instant relief. This level of involvement makes the game more engaging than classic slots.

CasinoBeatsWhat factors must be considered when making crash games that differentiate the titles from the usual slot development process?

ND: Firstly, it is essential to incorporate more flexible auto-play settings that allow players to adjust their bets and set limits for both winning and losing, enhancing their control over their gambling behaviour. 

Secondly, social features, including chat, leaderboards, game history, and lobbies, also help make crash games more interactive and foster a sense of community among players. 

Thirdly, the game user interface should be easy to navigate, especially on mobile devices, to avoid accidental clicks. An intuitive interface improves user engagement and reduces frustration, leading to better player retention and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

CasinoBeatsAmong the constant innovation, and arguable over complication at points, within the slots space, are crash games evidence that simplicity works and shouldn’t be overlooked?

ND: Regarding this point, I believe the igaming industry should continue to evolve and provide players with new gaming experiences, as audience interests expand and change over time. 

It’s important to strike a balance between historical legacy and modern twists, understanding the market and adapting to the changing demands of players. I see a lowering of the average player age, and the needs and interests of younger players may differ from older ones, but this doesn’t mean we should forget classic slots. 

While embracing innovations and staying on top of industry trends is crucial, I think it’s equally vital not to overlook the value of simple games like crash games.