In the latest episode of ‘Dream Spin The Journey’ podcast, the team brought together insights from across the industry to analyse the role of aggregators and challenges when entering new markets. 

Playzido CEO, Stuart Banks, and Director of Partnerships at Light & Wonder, Steve Mayes, joined the show to provide their perspective, as they revealed their collaboration with studios is likely to accelerate moving forward. 

Banks praised the mindset of Light & Wonder, a firm that when taking on a new acquisition is to ensure that they don’t change their DNA.

He also revealed that when the firm got acquired, they ‘obviously had a very startup entrepreneurial kind of methodology in the business and were used to operating independently and with autonomy’. 

He added that there’s ‘always a concern that when you get acquired, that all of that goes out the window and you could become consumed in this big, vast corporate piece’. 

Nonetheless, Banks praised Light & Wonder and Dylan Slaney, the firm’s CEO of igaming and North America, for allowing them to continue to thrive as part of the L&W family, whilst not ‘interfering with their DNA’. 

Mayes emphasised that the firm’s studio partners are enabled to fuel their growth by tapping into the vast localised knowledge that L&W has. 

Studios ‘want their resources focused on building great products and great content, that’s what’s exciting for any studio’, he explained. 

Mayes continued: “We’ve got people localising all of these different markets. We’ve got people with relationships with regulators. These are big teams that we’ve built up over the years and PlayZido as any game provider on the platform can tap into that.

“We work with lots of game providers that get the same access. We’ve got teams, dedicated teams that were just purely focused on expanding game providers into markets across all the different regions. So that’s ultimately what we’re there to do. 

“We should simplify the complexity of going into a new market – so that as a game provider, you don’t need to worry about that. You know, that you can get the information from light and wonder, and you can get fast access to these markets and these operators.”