Dream Spin kicked off a series of podcasts on the impact of slot streaming in the online casino industry, beginning The Journey by discussing their introduction to the igaming world and the team’s ambitions to turn streaming knowledge into supplier success.

They revealed the commencing of their streaming journey and how it has evolved over the years, reminiscing over when they ventured to fruit machines in pubs in order to capture them when they were ‘ready to payout’. 

Despite the legislation remaining very similar, the group analysed how the situation has changed dramatically, with casual play declining and cash usage falling at a rapid rate. 

William Barnes emphasised that the whole culture around fruit machines has changed, whereas previously players would play casually, they are now playing until they get a return. 

They then recounted how they went into the world of slots streaming and how the market for streamers has since become increasingly competitive, as they shone a light on the steps they took in order to ensure they standout.

William Barnes underlined that coming together and forming Dream Spin was key to their growth, as he revealed a shared aspiration they held for creating their own slots. 

James Rosen stated that issues with developers led to him being tentative over entering the world of slots creation. 

Josh Green went on to state that the whole mindset from the industry towards streamers and influencers has evolved, with the industry now viewing them ‘as a good bridge between community and players’. 

He added that they have become a strong metric for feedback when it comes to volatility as their understanding over the key elements of what makes a successful game gradually elevated. 

They gave credit to streamers that have worked in conjunction with developers in order to produce slots, however, they took a different approach and opted to take a punt on games – fuelled by a desire to own their product and games. 

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