Every online casino gaming studio is seeking the “eureka!” moment of hitting the pot of gold when developing a hit title amongst operators and their players. 

It can, of course, be a difficult feat to achieve when there is a plethora of content available for players in increasingly saturated markets.

Yet, Galaxsys – part of the Digitain Group – has managed to find the pot of gold with its crash game title – Ninja Crash. A crash game title, Ninja Crash has earned Galaxsys considerable success and is live with over 150 operators. 

To mark this success, Galaxsys’ Chief Product Officer Vigen Safaryan speaks with CasinoBeats to explain how Ninja Crash became a hit with players as well as what delegates can expect to see at the studio’s stand at ICE London.

CasinoBeats: Ninja Crash has become a much-loved title among players across several markets. Could you outline the concept of the game and explain how it works? 

Vigen Safaryan
Vigen Safaryan. Image: Galaxsys

Vigen Safaryan: Ninja Crash is the igaming adaptation of the widely-adored social gaming favourite. The game introduces a unique and delightful concept where cakes bounce on the screen, inviting players to slice through them to unveil hidden odds and win. With every slice, the odds are multiplied by the chosen bet amount and players can decide whether to cash out or continue playing to multiply the next set of winning odds.

The simplicity and unique environment of Ninja Crash have contributed to its rapid success, quickly earning its status as one of our hit games.

CB: A unique title amongst a saturated online casino market, what technical specifications does Ninja Crash come with?

VS: In addition to Ninja Crash’s distinctive gameplay, it features a freezing bonus type along with opportunities for free bets and complimentary amounts within the game. The user experience of the betting component is designed to be highly intuitive, making it easy for players to place bets and enjoy extended gaming sessions.    

CB: From a product perspective, how do you develop an original game and easily integrate it into partners’ platforms? 

VS: In developing Ninja Crash, we designed it to maintain captivating gameplay for users while also prioritising technical excellence to achieve high performance without compromising the game’s file size. The game concept is particularly distinctive in the igaming industry, and our partners can seamlessly incorporate it into their casinos through straightforward API integration.  

CB: What is it about Ninja Crash that makes it so popular among players? 

VS: Ninja Crash is a fast game with universal appeal in terms of its game theme. Food themed titles always work well as they are relatable to everyday life and, of course, create various emotions and connections and indeed trigger memories of indulging in cakes.

So, the simplistic game play, whereby every slice through on screen reveals hidden odds and securing a win, has intrigue and appeal. Add in the multipliers, freezing bonus, and visually rich graphics, you have a compelling game to play on the mobile device in both vertical and horizontal orientation.    

Players want to be entertained, and have a game which is frictionless, and relatable and Ninja Crash has all those ingredients, that’s why it is ‘Too Sweet to Handle’.   

CB: How have you assessed the uptake of Ninja Crash from operator partners? 

VS: Ninja Crash is available to all 150+ of our operator partners and demand is robust across the board.

We continue to have positive feedback about the game, as GGR continues to grow on that game and across our wider portfolio of games. Due to its popularity, we have a strong demand from operators looking to take the game and have a full meeting schedule at ICE. 

CB: Following a successful rollout, can we expect Galaxsys to develop more unique titles in the year ahead? What can partners expect from Galaxsys in 2024?

VS: We shall be showcasing our hit game, “Ninja Crash” and new games that will be demonstrated during the event such as Tower Rush, LottoBoom, Hot Gear, Limbo Crash, Dr. Shocker, and Cosmo Saga.

In our March release, we have Hot Gear Scratch which we have created in partnership with Fashion TV Gaming Group, is a fusion of fashion and speed, and is bound by a ‘gear’ changing scratch card experience for players. All the mentioned games have unique concepts and features. Among them, we have Hot Gear, which was created in partnership with Fashion TV Gaming Group. It is a fusion of fashion and speed, bound to offer a game-changing scratch card experience for players.

Lotto Boom is bound to be a player’s favourite, using a dynamic lotto-style game interaction where the players select their tickets and specify the bet amounts. 

We will continue to release more games, enhance our in-house promotional tools, such as Leaderboard, Lightning Bonus, FreeBets and Free Amounts, efficient back-office reporting, promo assets and of course centralised support.  It is going to be a busy year ahead for Galaxsys – come join us at Stand N6-110.