Galaxsys is ready to engage a wide player base with its new turbo game release, Dr. Shocker. To mark Dr.Shocker’s launch, Galaxsys Chief Product Officer Vigen Safaryan chats with SlotBeats about the game’s technical features, the value of having turbo games, and why the firm is catering to players seeking fast and simple gaming experiences.

CasinoBeats: Can you walk us through the theme for the Dr Shocker game and explain where the idea came for it? 

Vigen Safaryan
Vigen Safaryan, CPO at Galaxsys

Vigen Safaryan: In the igaming industry, we’re seeing a trend where players are increasingly drawn to innovative game types that differ from traditional slot games. One such example is the rise of crash-type games, which offer a unique and engaging experience. With this in mind, we developed our new game, Dr. Shocker. It aims to provide players with the excitement of slot games while introducing them to new game mechanics, bonuses and a distinctive game design. Dr. Shocker blends familiar elements with fresh concepts, delivering a gaming experience that stands out in today’s market.

Galaxsys strives to make all our games authentic, relevant and enjoyably simple with clear principal characters, memes and storyboards. A common theme now is energy, its consumption and usage. Of course, when you think of energy, you also think of movies like Back to The Future and Dr. Frankenstein, which had quirky or mad-looking scientists as the lead characters, creating and repurposing energy for their experiments.

This partly inspired Dr. Shocker’s character, the larger-than-life professor, lab coat and staring eyes. The game, which is a turbo game, allows players to place bets on Dr. Shocker’s attempts to connect electric cables before the inevitable ‘shock’ happens. The player wins based on odds from the game board’s 1-18 multiplayer sections. The game is electrifying and fun at the same time.

CB: The concept of Dr Shocker is different from other games in Galaxsys’ repertoire such as Ninja Crash. How does this fit into your strategy and help you reach a new demographic of players?

VS: Turbo Games, such as Dr. Shocker, are instant games with high retention rates of player activity. As for games, there is no need to create a complex product with lots of hidden features and numerous play lines that players must take a lot of time to learn. The simpler the games are for the player, the easier it will be for your casino players to become interested.

Our strategy is to provide a product/market fit, which our games do. As players’ time to play gets shorter, they wish for quicker, simpler and more straightforward game styles and themes. Regarding demographics, these genres of games have been popular in the crypto space for a while and, of course, mobile. So, they do attract a slightly younger profile or crossover gamer/crypto/casino player.

From a casino’s perspective, our games offer a versatile tool for audience engagement. They can be seamlessly integrated into new player acquisition marketing or used for retention and reactivation with CRM programs. This versatility not only enhances our marketing efforts but also contributes to the overall growth of our business and that of our partners.

CB: What demographic of players are you targeting with this game and how important is it to cater to a wide selection of player types?

VS: As mentioned, the Galaxsys strategy is centred on product/market fit. The general trend is that players have less time and prefer to dip in and out quickly on their mobile devices. As time is at a premium, in terms of the player, the games need to be simple, fast, fun and it should not require a lot of cerebral thinking—it should be fun without learning lots of nuances about the game.

Our games are broadly enjoyed by a robust cross-section of players, from traditional casino/slot players and table game players to players who have enjoyed similar game experiences in the crypto or mobile gaming ecosystem.

CB: What technical specifications/features does the game come with and why were these decisions taken in the design process?

VS: The game features distinctive animations for an engaging environment and offers three types of in-game bonuses. Additionally, players can purchase exclusive bonus opportunities with the Buy Bonus feature. High-end Random Number Generator technology ensures fairness and multiple winning options enhance the gameplay experience. These design decisions aim to create an immersive, fair and rewarding experience that boosts player satisfaction and retention.

CB: In which markets can we expect to see Dr Shocker and what has the initial reception to the launch been like?

VS: We are still at the early launch stages, but the game is available across our B2B network of some 150+ partners, so we expect a steady stream of gameplay over the next few weeks.

CB: What expectations do you have for the Dr Shocker launch? Where will the game be showcased for operators?

VS: Our team is attending several trade shows throughout the summer months and will be excited to demonstrate the game to interested partners. Our sales team will also be arranging 1-2-1 meetings with partners who cannot attend trade shows.  Of course, a demo area is available on the Galaxsys website.

CB: Galaxsys attended G2E Asia and SiGMA Asia; what are your expectations for these events?

VS: Galaxsys’s sales pipeline from the Asia Pacific region has been increasing over the past year.  Therefore, we are attending G2E Asia and SiGMA Asia to meet with existing operators, aggregators, and platforms interested in our unique game portfolio.

The G2E Asia and SiGMA Asia events are also an opportunity for our team to increase Galaxsys’s brand presence, meet and network with local igaming companies, and discuss trends in the Asia region.