In our penultimate part of SlotBeats Spotlight, we ask our experts what each one of their companies are doing to differentiate its offerings in regards to jackpot features within their slot titles.

SlotBeats: With many suppliers now looking to provide jackpot features to their games, how do you look to differentiate your own offering?

Vsevolod Lapin, head of product at Playson

Vsevolod Lapin, Playson: Playson’s Network Jackpot promotional tool is essentially an enhancement of our pre-existing Jackpot tool. Unique to our Jackpots is it allows ‘mystery’ payouts which are randomly generated.

Players don’t need to land on specific symbols or combinations to win prizes in the Jackpot games. This creates an equal opportunity for every player to win and adds additional level of tension to their game.

It’s both fun for players, and a great tool for operators. Along with this, it drives upsell while helping retain the audience, and is also useful for controlling promotional budget. Playson’s Jackpot promotional tool has flexible configurations which allow operators to set up qualification criteria and fund contributions to the prize pool.

Jo Purvis, director of marketing and relationships at Blueprint Gaming

Jo Purvis, Blueprint Gaming: Blueprint’s Jackpot King has the bonus of being one of the most recognisable operator specific progressive jackpots in the industry and has built a solid reputation over the years, creating a number of millionaires along the way.

We’ve evolved the system to keep it relevant with player trends and operator demands, from a single pot to ‘must go by’ pots, but always keeping the same core factor that the main pot is unrestricted, unlimited and can reach any value and drop at any time.

As Jackpot King is widely accepted and works well in conjunction with Blueprint’s range of marketing tools, it has really set the standard for how a jackpot system should be used and operated to keep it fresh and appealing to players.

Yuriy Muratov, head of account management and business development at Booongo

Yuriy Muratov, Booongo: Jackpots are becoming very popular and many companies are paying attention to them, but the problem is not too many suppliers make jackpots profitable and interesting for operators.

During the creation of our jackpots, Booongo analysed the market and chose only the best and most favourable conditions for everyone. Our in-depth research has ensured our jackpot tools come with marketing that utilises localisation.

Alongside this, their customisable nature leads to a greater interaction with customers and aims to achieve the best result for partners and players alike.

Arcangelo Lonoce, head of European business development at Habanero

Arcangelo Lonoce, Habanero: Our unique Jackpot Race feature provides a jackpot tool designed to drive player retention for operator partners around the globe.

The logic of a poker-style pot applied to a must-drop jackpot solution, together with the ease of configuration and management which is typical of Habanero, makes for an exciting addition to the wealth of solutions available to operators.

It’s proven to be wonderfully popular with our clients, and as far as our local jackpot solution goes, coming from a 15-year background on the operator side, I strongly believe that Habanero ticks all the boxes to come out on top.

Jackpots are available for all of our slot games, with up to four ranges for each campaign, and with an unparalleled ease of configuration and campaign management – we’re able to offer an unbeatable proposition. I’ll also let you in on a secret – the trick is to not tamper with the original game math models. 

Carl Ejlertsson, director of business development at Red Tiger

The pot will come out of the operator’s margin and will not compromise a game that works perfectly well on its own.

Carl Ejlertsson, Red Tiger: I’m not sure we need to differentiate our offering to them as the originators of daily jackpots, but we are constantly iterating to keep them fresh. You have to take some tough decisions. If there’s no liquidity a lot of money can be lost. Suppliers really need to understand what the players want. 

After years of doing this we’re now able to tell individual operators what is best for them after observing their players. There is not one size fits all. There are more suppliers entering the space – but it will be interesting to see how they get over the issues which come with the territory.

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