In the latest series of SlotBeats Spotlight, we take a closer look into the online world of branded slots. These titles range from movies, music to books yet how effective are they for operators to tap into an already established fan base? 

In this editions finale, we asked our experts if there was a future still with branded slots.

What does the future hold for branded content? Is there still a future for them?

Catalin Bratosin, Head of Games Production, Pragmatic Play

Catalin Bratosin, Pragmatic Play: Without doubt. It’s all about finding the right fit in order to best engage the brand’s already established fanbase and potential new players elsewhere in the casino community. 

So long as studios stay true to a brand’s core values and offer something new in terms of game features, as opposed to just overlaying a skin on a white label slot, branded content will continue to be a key revenue driver for operators.

At Pragmatic Play, we see this genre of games as a key part of a wider gaming mix, and we’ll always look for ways to complement Peaky Blinders with other licences in the future.

Carl Ejlertsson, group games director, NetEnt

Carl Ejlertsson, NetEnt: As the industry is moving towards increased consolidation and competition intensifies, I expect branded games will remain a focus of market-leaders. Above all, it sends a message. 

Investing in this content says a lot about the size, ability and reach of your business, so as long as the big players keep getting bigger, it will continue to be a tool by which to cement reputations. 

For NetEnt, branded content is a cornerstone of our content strategy and we will continue to invest in partnerships with iconic names.

Simon Hammon, CPO, Relax Gaming

Simon Hammon, Relax Gaming: There will always be a place for strong branded content as operators are continually looking for good games that boost player acquisition. The question of effective ROI will also remain, however.

Competition and marketing real estate are becoming tougher, meaning that a game has just a few days to resonate with its audience, or risks declining quickly. The same is also true for branded content, with the difference being that this comes with a potentially much higher price tag.

Uri Cohen, Skywind Group: We work very closely with the brand owners when creating a branded title. Our work with them, and our deep respect and engagement with the brand, is what navigates the design of the game. 

Uri Cohen, VP OperationsSkywind Group

This isn’t just about eye-catching graphics, captivating sound and astounding cinematic sequences. It’s about that too, of course! But we also provide bonus games, and special features that tap into the very essence of the brand. 

When the remake of The Magnificent Seven was created, the writers and crew worked tirelessly to ensure the movie captured the very spark that made the original such a hit. We do the very same thing. 

We convert the medium and provide the answers that only our games can provide to instill the magic of the brand in the game. It’s the only way to create a true branded title.

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