Multiplayer slots have become essential for operators that are looking to maximise engagement from a wide spectrum of players. 

The multiplayer collaboration between HungryBear and Yggdrasil is looking to spearhead the growth of ‘disruptive innovation’. 

Yggdrasil CEO, James Curwen, predicted that the growth of the games would be “massively disruptive” for the industry, the type of which he believed will be integral to fuelling growth at the fastest possible rate. 

The ability of the product as a loyalty tool was also lauded by Curwen, who revealed that they have never seen anything like it in terms of customer retention. 

He expressed his belief that firms should be exploring free-to-play titles over other routes to ensure players return to their platform. 

Bringing the perspective of operators, Curwen revealed that it became essential when he was at OPAP, drawing in around 40 per cent loyalty from players that engaged with their offering on a daily basis. 

Also key is that it brings in a full spectrum of players, from high roller VIPs to more casual players – an element of the product that Curwen described as its “greatest asset”. 

He added that the multiplayer evolution of slots eradicates an age-old sentiment within slots, that they are an activity engaged with in isolation. Bringing players together and increasing the social side of the games – which can truly raise the ceiling in terms of engagement. 

This is something that taps into gamification as well, enabling players to steal jackpots from each other and generally tapping into elevated levels of gamification to expand the avenues for multiplayer gaming. 

Providing observation over the industry, Curwen emphasised just how much he believes that gamification has grown since its entry into the industry a few years ago. 

“There is a significant amount of social influence around gamification, there are a large number of social mechanics that have boosted the growth of gamification”, he stated as he revealed the growing appetite from players for innovative gaming experiences. 

He added that he believes the challenge is around the implementation of gamification within the igaming world. Citing the evolution of the land-based experience in Las Vegas as evidence as to just how much players are yearning for a gamified experience. 

“They have double seats where people sit together and they play for hours, and it’s because people realise that this style of gambling is entertainment and they expect to be entertained in the game. Subsequently, all parts of the game actually have to be entertaining.

“This is why we have to be meticulous and ensure that every aspect of the game is correct, from the bounce of the reels to the music. It all has to come together to satisfy the evolving desires of the player.”

Adding an extra layer to this challenge, he concluded by revealing  that the vast majority of players engage with games in portrait mode on a mobile device.