Pelle Wiman, CEO of

“We grew out of the metal community and now we want to give something back,” explained Pelle Wiman, CEO of who expressed his desire to use his platform to collaborate with grassroot artists.

At the back end of last month, Metal Casino announced its plans to further enhance its merger with Spiffbet in an attempt to engage more with its rock ‘n’ roll audience.

Through this came the Metal Experience, a segment which includes a range of ‘top-ranked’ slots from studios featuring bands like Ozzy Osborne, Testament, Sabaton and Demon as well as the casino announcing plans to deepen its ties with the grassroots music scene in its main markets through a ‘Help the Band’ concept.

SlotBeats spoke to Wiman where he explained the future of the Metal Experience, collaborating with big name bands and how it hopes to influence grassroot bands.

SlotBeats: Can you explain what Metal Casino’s Metal Experience is?

Pelle Wiman: Metal Experience is our unique metal slot segment including all metal music themed games such as Ozzy Osbourne, Guns N’ Roses, Sabaton, Testament. With the metal slot segment we’ve aligned the product with the brand promise of delivering a dedicated, true and real experience to the casino rockers. 

It’s a special gambling experience if you happen to like hard rock music. We want our players to get the same kind of rush as they would get out of a live concert. That is how we define being “all in for the fans”. 

SB:Producing slots for such well known artists, how is it collaborating with different big name bands and how much influence do they have on the slots?

PW:Gaming provider Play’n GO produces the slots and has the cooperation with the bands so I can’t comment on the creative process. But we do think they are doing a fantastic job! 

The metal bands have begun to realize they can get a revival, meet a new audience and gain a monthly passive income. It’s a win-win-win all the way from the artists to the gaming provider to Metal Casino.  

SB: How important was your merger with Spiffbet in expanding your player reach?

PW: The Spiffbet merger will hopefully enable a presence for us in Latin America as they recently invested in a Brazilian game studio (Copacabana Gaming). This enables us to produce unique metal games for Latin America – which by the way is a huge metal market. Also, this merger opens up for interesting markets in Asia as we see great potential for Metal Casino in the Asian markets. 

SB: What more would you like to see from the Metal Experience in the future?

PW: Glad you asked! I do think the Metal brand aligns very well with the feeling of ‘live’. With that said, metal branded live casino and traditional Blackjack and Roulette rooms are classic rock themed games and would be a great start. 

SB: You announced plans to further connect to grassroots artists, can you expand on this for me?

PW: We grew out of the metal community and now we want to give something back. The “Help the band concept” circulates around finding some of tomorrow’s rockstars and help them in the struggle of achieving their goals. 

It could be recording an album, financing a tour or building a studio. In return, these bands and artists will join a micro influencer programme as they are officially affiliated to Metal Casino. We’re talking to a couple of bands right now and hopefully we can roll out this concept in Q4.

SB: What do you want to see in the future from your collaboration with grassroots artists?

PW: As an extension of a healthy cooperation, I would love to be able to offer unique official slots to the bands and artists – exclusively on Metal Casino. But this will have to come further down the road.