As part of CasinoBeats Malta Digital various igaming incumbents will be showcasing their slot games in our very own SlotBeats Lounge. BetConstruct are one of these companies and here is a bitesize snippet of what guests expect.


Guess the identity of a hidden animal by selecting one or more of the offered blocks. Each animal block contains four two digit numbers.

Players choose the bet type they would prefer which are presented on the left side of the screen. Choose one or more of the 25 animal blocks.

The player wins if any number in the block matches the last or first two digits of any line of the revealed code.

In the Big Win section, players fill in four one-digit numbers. Five randomly generated number lines are selected. Players win if they match the last digits which results in 0.5 their bet, the two last digits match which provides 3x the players stake, three digits matched produces 15x the original bet. Matching all four digits produces a 155x the stake win.


In Striker, players choose a winning number or a range of numbers and wait till the lever is struck. Once this happens the puck will rise and reveal a winning number.

Players win if their prediction was correct and the puck lands on the number that was within their chosen range. 

The player can place two bets simultaneously during a single round, the higher the number the higher the odds.


During the game, the lotto machine brings out balls and during this period the player has 50 seconds to place a bet.

Once the game begins, numbers begin to fall and players win when their numbers are revealed.

Players can bet on various outcomes including, if there will be more odd or even numbers within the first five drawn, whether the first drawn number will be odd or even, if the sum of the first five drawn numbers will be lower or higher and whether the first generated number will be lower or higher.


Blast is a game of chance which sees players place a bet and decide when to cash out. The cannonball is shot from the cannon and the longer it stays in the air the bigger the multiplier on the bet. If the cannonball explodes and the player did not cash out then there’s no win.

Players can place two bets simultaneously during a single round.


In Big HI LO, players guess which card will be pulled out from the deck.

A deck of 25 cards are used in this game, the cards are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ,J, Q, K, A with one black and one red of each card alongside the green Joker card. 

The A is considered the biggest card with 2 being the smallest. The Joker is an independent card.

One card is randomly pulled out from the deck. In each game, the player is given a select amount of time to select one of 45 outcomes. Players can bet on exact numbers, cards of exact suits or on groups of cards, based on the hi or lo principle.

Players will win if they correctly guess the opening card.


Farkle is based on the dice game of the same name. Six dice are used in the game which can be played both in single player and multiplayer.

The purpose of this game is to reach the pre-chosen limit point first. The player rolls the dice at the beginning of each round. After rolling the dice the player can keep the dice that brought points with a possible combination, as well as maint the points or roll the remaining dice again to collect more points.

At the beginning of the game, a player is automatically chosen to roll first. If the player starting the game first reaches a winning limit point, the opponent is given the opportunity to play for a round and reach their opponents points or try and exceed them. 

If a player does not equal or exceed, the first player is considered to be the winner.