In the finale of this edition of SlotBeats Spotlight we follow up on the previous episode and asked our five experts if we’re likely to experience migrated online slot players staying or reverting back to land-based machines in Latin America.

Do you anticipate that land-based players who have migrated online are likely to stay as converts?  

Victor Araneda, chief business development officer at GAMING1

Victor Araneda, GAMING1: We don’t see these two environments as mutually exclusive and we strive for creating convergence between the two. 

There’s no substitute for the power of a trusted land-based brand and being able to offer a seamlessly integrated omnichannel customer experience with the same name can only serve to benefit players and operators.

Ruben Loeches, CMO at R Franco Digital

Ruben Loeches, R Franco Digital: I believe they have discovered a complementary approach to their usual choice of recreation, rather than finding a substitute form of play. 

I dare say that the ‘street’ player has learned that with online gambling, the same thrills and experience can be there just as they enjoy at their favourite retail location. 

As a consequence, I believe we’ll see a far broader spectrum getting in on both sides of the action in the year ahead. 

Unai Concha Olabarrietabusiness development manager, OneTouch

Unai Concha Olabarrieta, OneTouch: It remains to be seen how many land-based players will simply return to what they know once COVID-related restrictions are lifted, but the emerging picture tells a promising story for the online slot market. 

Maria Luisa Malfasi, business development manager at ESA Gaming

Maria Luisa Malfasi, ESA Gaming: It is inevitable that some will return to what they know and love. This also goes for bettors that have tried online slots during the lockdown. 

While some will strictly stick to land-based gaming or focus on sports betting as we are slowly returning to normal, others have discovered that they enjoy new products and will expand their appetites across sports and these newer experiences.  

Only time will tell if the recent events have forever changed player behaviour.

Sebastian Damian, commercial director at Booongo

Sebastian Damian, Booongo: We’ve already seen how players have returned to their favourite casino venues when they eventually re-opened in certain locations and that was expected. What’s encouraging, however, is that a large volume of new customers have continued to be active within the online space. 

This year more than ever has allowed them to experience new content that isn’t available in land-based venues and it’s clear that many have been converted. A certain audience will always favour the land-based experience given it’s what they enjoy the most, but online offers something else and an opportunity to access games wherever they are and at times convenient to them.