Wazdan’s latest release has extended the studio’s ‘Coins’ slot series with a shiny new look, showcasing the Cash Infinity mechanic in 9 Coins: Grand Platinum Edition.


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9 Coins: Grand Platinum Edition is a 3×3 reel slot with an increased maximum jackpot prize of x2,500 the player’s bet. 




96.04 per cent


Firstly, there are no standard symbols in this game, as prizes are mainly won during the ‘hold the jackpot’ bonus game mode. 

This bonus feature is activated by landing any three silver or bonus coins on the middle row in the base game. These silver coins present monetary values between x1 and x10 that can be won in the ‘hold the jackpot’ mode. 

Additionally, prizes can also be won in the base game with Wazdan’s new ‘cash out’ feature. This causes one cell on the reel set to obtain a ‘cash out’ embellishment with a counter value of up to 15. 

These counters will decrease by a value of one on each subsequent spin, awarding any prizes that drop into the cell on the very last spin for the counter. 

Special cash infinity symbols can also drop on the reels, displaying monetary values between x5 and x15 the player’s stake. 

These symbols will stay sticky in their position on the reel set in order to increase the chances of activating the hold the jackpot mode.

With this bonus game mode, three spins are initially awarded to the player, with each new bonus symbol that lands on the reels resetting the number of spins to three. 

All symbols that drop onto the reels during this game mode stay stuck on the board for the entirety of the hold the jackpot spins. 

Silver coin symbols will drop into play with values between x1 and x10 the player’s preferred stake, with players aiming to collect as many high value coins as possible before the hold the jackpot spins are completed.

Furthermore, three different jackpot symbols can land on the reels to award players with their corresponding jackpot prizes. Jackpot prizes come in the form of mini, minor and major values, offering x10, x20, and x50 respectively.

Other symbols that can drop in during this bonus game mode include mystery symbols, which can transform into any other symbol other than the infinity symbols, and a jackpot mystery symbol that will reveal either a mini, minor or major prize. The mystery symbols will reveal their chosen symbol once all given spins have been played out.

When a lucky player manages to land symbols on all nine spaces on the reels, the grand jackpot prize of x2,500 will be provided.

Furthermore, 15 Coins also offers Wazdan’s ‘Chance Level’ feature, which allows players to increase the size of their bets, without impacting silver coin values, to gain a higher chance of activating the bonus game mode. 


Andrzej Hyla, Chief Commercial Officer at Wazdan, stated: “Our latest release is a captivating addition to our top-performing 9 Coins series. Using our engagement-building philosophy, we have created a feature-rich experience that once again sets us apart in the market, and we anticipate continuing to deliver fantastic results with this game.

“Striving to create slots that exceed expectations, 9 Coins: Grand Platinum Edition includes cutting-edge innovations such as the ability to win instant cash prizes at the base game thanks to the cash out feature, alongside the new Chance Level mechanic that we know players will love.”



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