Join Spanish reality superstar Ainhoa Cantalapiedra as she stands front stage to soundtrack MGA Games’ latest slot release, Ainhoa. 


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Ainhoa is a 3×1 reel slot with bonus minigames that reflect the Spanish celebrity’s lifestyle and a 3×3 reel upper game. 




Between 80 and 95 per cent


The symbol payout values in this game change depending on the value of the player’s wager, with a higher wager offering greater multiplied payouts. The extensive RTP range reflects this. 

Low value symbols are represented by single bars, cherries and plums. These symbols can offer up to x8 the player’s stake if the right amount of winning combinations land on a single spin.

Medium value symbols come in the form of grapes, oranges and lemons. If the right amount of winning combinations land in one go then these symbols can offer up to x20 the player’s stake.

High value symbols are depicted as multiple bar symbols, with stacks of three offering prizes of up to x1,000 the player’s bet, depending on the amount of matching combinations that land in one go. 

Bonus symbols include a croissant scatter, a cash prize guitar, a microphone that adds up to increase the amount of paylines in the upper game and Ainhoa’s face that acts as a wild.


With five different levels of bets available, the paytable for Ainhoa changes depending on  which bet level you are playing with. For example, on the lowest bet, landing three stacked bars will offer players x500 their stake, whereas on the highest bet they can win x1000 with three stacked bars.

The upper game can be activated by collecting microphone symbols in the base game. Once the player has collected at least three microphone symbols then they can access all three reels of the upper game. 

This upper game is a 3×3 reel slot, giving it more win potential than the base game. New symbols are introduced with this game, shifting from Ainhoa’s coffee shop symbols to superstar symbols including autographs, grammy awards and a recording studio Ainhoa character symbol. 

Wins in the base game are attributed to the player as bonus credits. Only these bonus credits can be used in the upper game. Players have the opportunity to bank those bonus credits to add them to their credit value, or build them up to wager them in the upper game. 

Collecting speaker symbols in the upper game will increase a speaker meter at the bottom of the reels. Collecting eight of these during the upper game will trigger a guaranteed win. 

Multiple bonus games can be triggered during the base game at random points. Each game offers a similar feature, where players must select prizes that are hidden behind different objects in hope of selecting the highest-value prize that is on offer.

An example of this is with the autograph mini-game, where players must choose one of three autographs to sign with each autograph revealing a different instant cash prize. 

Another example would be the band mate mini-game, where players select one of five band mates, with each character representing a different cash prize. Other mini-games include selecting one of five music awards and one of four instruments. 

Finally, the crowdfunding mini-game sees Ainhoa looking at her crowdfunding website, with five prizes on offer. One of these prizes will be randomly selected and then given to the player. 



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