Players visit Vegas, Macao and Monte Carlo in Caleta Gaming’s title, in partnership with Golden Rock Studios, Bonus Only.


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Dice / Board game


Bonus Only is a 3×3, three-line video slot incorporating three bonus symbols and features.






There are no symbol payouts on the reels. The dice symbol only appears on reels three and substitutes for all bonus symbols. Meanwhile, the pink gem is a losing symbol. 

Lastly, there are three different bonus symbols, each representing their own feature.


The title incorporates respins, multipliers and three bonus features: Vegas, Macao and Monte Carlo.


In the game, landing three matching bonus symbols on a win line will award the player two rolls on that given bonus. Meanwhile, if a golden dice symbol is landed on reel three with two matching bonus symbols, then the player is awarded four rolls. 

Moving onto the respin feature, if the player gets two matching bonus symbols on a win line on the first two reels, the third reel will respin, giving the player an extra chance to trigger. 

Each bonus consists of a trail/board with 40 sections themed up with the city – the bonus payouts are smallest for Vegas and largest for Monte Carlo. The player will need to roll the dice to move around the board. 

Depending on where they land will determine the prize: either a multiplier, no win, extra roll or move back or forwards around the board. 

Rolling a double will award the player an additional roll. If the player goes around the board, all payouts are increased by the highest amount on the board. The bonus stops when the player has no more rolls. 



To play a demo version of Bonus Only, click here.