Mancala Gaming has presented players with a wheel-spinning title in its latest game show-inspired slot release, Boost the Wheel


Out now




Boost the Wheel is an atypical slot release that sees players take a spin on a multi-layered wheel that can offer prizes such as multiplied bet amounts, free spins and access to upgraded wheels. 


95 per cent


In Boost the Wheel, players select their stake and take a spin of a wheel that has five layers with various different prizes. 

On the first section of the wheel, the middle section, the wheel marker can land on prizes of x0.1 or x0.3 the player’s stake, as well as three dud prizes of x0. 

Additionally, the wheel marker can land on a green arrow that takes players to the next-highest section of the wheel. 

This second section can provide wins of either x0.5 or x1 the chosen wager, or a jackpot prize of x25. Two dud prizes of x0 are also available at this level along with two green arrows that can take players to the next level. 

At this third level, players can land on dud prizes of x0, multiplied bet amount prizes between x2 and x5 their stake, a respin feature to respin the wheel at this level, a free spins prize that gives players another spin of the wheel for free, a silver jackpot prize of x100 or one green arrow space that takes players to the fourth level. 

On level four, prizes of x5, x10, x20, x30 and x50 are available, as well as respins, free spins, gold jackpot prizes worth x250 and a golden wheel feature that takes players to a special golden wheel with enhanced multiplied bet amount prizes. 

Furthermore, players can land on one green arrow space to be taken to the final fifth level. On the final level, players can win between x10 and x500 their stake, respins, a diamond jackpot worth x1,000 or access to the platinum wheel. 

The golden wheel allows players to win between x50 and x2,500 their bet, while the platinum wheel offers between x100 and x10,000. 

Moreover, at levels three, four and five a special pink arrow section is available. This randomly selects a prize from either the space to its left or right, which offers either the highest or lowest prize on that section of the board. 



To have a go at the Boost the Wheel demo, click here.