High 5 Games calls all players aboard as they set sail to Cannon Cove and tackle the dreaded Kraken in its latest slot title


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Cannon Cove is a 5×5 video slot that includes an array of features such as What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), Shooting Power and Spin-Crease. 




90 – 97.2 per cent


During the WYSIWYG feature, every spin can bring a cannon to the bottom of a column, where it will shoot upwards. Whenever it hits a symbol, there is a chance to win a WYSIWYG, and the value is displayed. The values are in the symbols themselves, rather than in combinations, lines or ways.

Moving forward, the Shooting Power round includes four types of cannons that grant shooting power; one shot, two shot, four shots or a full column shot. 

In the game’s Spin-Crease sound, players must collect blue crystals to fill the meter and upgrade symbols values or get more powerful cannons. The higher the bet, the quicker Spin-Crease happens.

Moreover, when the player destroys symbols, they can potentially collect red crystals to fill the meter and achieve sticky power-ups to hit more symbols in one go, or to multiply their winnings. 

The four power-ups include: 

  • Triple Arrows: A cannon landing on it, will Triple shoot, also shooting on its left and right columns.
  • Multiplier: Multiply a winner shot by 2x to 10x when a cannon lands on this power up.
  • Area Bomb: When hit, destroys all surrounding symbols on a 3×3 grid.
  • Row Bomb: When hit, destroys all symbols in the same row.

During the bonus round, a sticky power-up is added on every off spin and will remain for the entire bonus until they are hit by a shot. 

Players will enter the bonus mode whenever a Kraken tentacle at the top of the reels is hit, with the user being awarded 10 free spins. 


Jerry Wilson, VP Creative at High 5 Games for Cannon Cove, explained: ”All Aboard this pirate adventure! Cannon Cove is packed with features like Spin-Crease upgrading symbols, Unique ships with different abilities for the player and game changing power ups as you battle ghostly pirates on mysterious seas. 

“Even trigger the Bonus bossfight with a giant octopus you can battle for big wins. Get ready to be amazed by Cannon Cove, as beyond huge rewards, packs a ton of excitement, an outstanding visual approach, and sound effects that will delight.”


To play a demo version of Cannon Cove, click here.