MGA Games continues to expand its Spanish Celebrities series via its latest slot El Koala, which stars the Malaga artist. 


July 18




El Koala is a 3×3 video slot that includes four different mini-games and a Upper Game section. 






Within the base game, the title comes with an Upper Game mode. In order to play this round, players will need to collect enough Opas and credits. Once obtained, unless it is a blue seven prize, the player will be offered to either risk a portion of the prize or to collect it. 

Choosing the risk portion may allow players to either obtain the double of that portion or the equivalent value of said portion in Opas. 

Moreover, each winning prize can be either risked, by pressing the play button, or collected. If risked, it will either be given the amount of a one level higher prize or the equivalent amount of Opas. 

Once the three bells line has been reached, the game becomes an Up Down, where the possible prizes go up or down in the prize plan. 

The title also comes with a nudges feature, embracing the old school slot machine. This allows the player to move reels forward one place to seek winning combinations. 

Furthermore, if the player lands three concrete mixer symbols in the base game, it will trigger the concrete mixer bonus mode. During this round, a Wheel of Fortune will appear where players spin to gain the prize of the landed segment. 

Alternatively, the other mini-game comes in the form of the Orchard. Landing three girl symbols activates this mode where players need to select vegetables to obtain prizes. 

The third mini-game is the Hen House, which features in the Upper Game, where players need to stop eggs to get the “best prizes”. 

Finally, the fourth mini-game is called Hay Pyramid. Similar to Hen House, this mode is activated in the Upper Game which sees players stop the draw to gain better prizes. 



To play a demo version of El Koala, click here.