MGA Games has added another title targeting the Spanish market as it takes players to the heart of the jungle in El Tesoro de la Jungla


Out now




El Tesoro de la Jungla is a three-reel video slot that includes five minigames: Jungle, platform, bridge, treasures and secret room bonus.  




80 to 95 per cent


If players land three hats in the main game, it provides access to the jungle bonus that allows players to draw a prize. 

The gems counter plays out as players must locate the gems in the mini game to get access to the next mini game. 

In the platform bonus, players must stop the platform to move along. Each platform have a prize, including the monkey gem. 

Moving forward is the bridge bonus, which players must have one gem to unlock. In this round, users are tasked with finding the correct way across the bridge. Here players can locate the elephant gem. 

Next up is the treasures bonus game, which requires two gems to unlock. In this mode, players must take the treasures from its fixtures. Each treasure will have a prize attached to it. 

The final bonus mode is the secret room that needs three gems to unlock. In this round, players must select one of three gem options to obtain a prize.