MGA Games is inviting players to hear the ‘hilarious stories’ of Catalan comedian, Eugenio, who joins the developer’s ‘Spanish Celebrities’ slot series. 


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Spanish celebrity


Eugenio is a 3×3, single-payline video slot that incorporates an array of symbols and a range of features. 




80 – 95%


Symbols in the game include classic bars and fruit icons, paying out x2 the bet for any combination of three bar symbols, x4 to x20 for three-of-a-kind of the fruit icons, and x40, x200 and x1,000 for three-of-a-kind bars. 

Moving onto special symbols, Eugenio is wild and substitutes for all other icons, while a pair of sunglasses represents the bonus, awarding bonus points. Moreover, the stool and microphone symbol is used to award free games while the tape increases the players’ vertical line counter in the top game. 


The title incorporates an upper, main, and a show bonus game as well as five mini games and other additional features. 


With the upper game, whenever a prize is obtained – unless it is a blue seven prize – the player will be offered to either risk a portion of their win or to collect it, until there are no more portions left. 

Choosing to risk a portion may allow the player to either obtain the double or the equivalent value. 

Moving onto the main game, with this, each prize could either be risked or collected. If the prize is risked, it will either award the amount of a prize one level higher or the equivalent. Once the line of the three lemons is reached, the game becomes an up-down, where the possible prizes go up or down in the prize plan. 

Moving onto the show bonus game, this is activated by landing three microphone figures in the bottom kit. During this mini game, players spin a wheel to reveal a prize. 

Also incorporating five different mini games, these are activated at random when landing certain paylines. 

Starting with the draw mini game, the player stops the selection by pressing a button. Whichever figure is landed on will determine which mini game the player jumps to next.

Landing on the diver’s goggles during the draw mini game will take players to the diver’s bonus, where players select a diver to claim the revealed prize.

Meanwhile, landing on a sheep during the draw mini game will take players to the sheep bonus game. Here, players must stop the sheep in an aim to obtain the best prize.

Landing on the bus icon, on the other hand, will take players to the bus bonus, where players select a passenger to reveal a prize. 

Finally, landing on the A during the draw mini game will take players to the oculists bonus, where players pick a letter on the board to reveal a prize. 

Other features in the title include: a cumulative game, where players accumulate glasses of juice to receive an extra winning spin; and seven mixed, where players get combinations of different seven figures in high bets to get a random prize.



To play a demo version of Eugenio, click here