Extreme 7, the latest release Green Jade Games, is extreme in every sense of the word, giving operators the chance to offer the ‘highest RTP of any online slot in the world’.


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This 3×3 video slot is a fast and brutally volatile title which provides players with a higher chance of a bigger pay out with a 99 per cent RTP.


Green Jade has stripped the game back to its basics with no bonus features whatsoever. Instead, the slot offers a base game that delivers players the ‘thrills’ and ‘big win potential’ they are seeking. 100 x, 200x wins can appear frequently in this highly volatile title.

For those casinos with a lower appetite for risk, Extreme 7 comes with three different RTP’s– 93 per cent, 96 per cent, and 99.09 per cent. Extreme 7 will deliver its most ‘engaging performance’ at 99.09 per cent but being mindful of regulatory considerations the lower RTP’s are said to still deliver a ‘heart pounding’ experience.

Designed with high value customers and VIPs in mind, when the wins do land, they have the potential to land big – the max multiplier is 1500x the bet line


Mark Taffler, chief commercial officer at Green Jade Games, said: “Our most recent slot that we stripped back – Neon Lights – with no bonus game and all of the RTP in the base game surprised us with its popularity in certain territories – especially in Asia – so we decided to follow this up with one that delivers even more excitement.

“We are also excited to be the first developer to launch a slot that has an RTP of 99.09 If customers wish to reward their VIP’s they now have only one choice- Extreme 7.

“Responsible gambling is at the forefront of everything we do, allied with German Transitional regime and updated UKGC recommendations. It was natural that we would supply variable RTP. We want gambling to be a choice – a safe choice, we also know for some people it is more about the thrill and with Extreme 7 we believe we’ve hit the jackpot.”