Nolimit City faces another life sentence with its latest visit to Folsom Prison.


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Folsom Prison is a 5×2, 16 to 46,664-payline video slot that incorporates a maximum win potential of up to x75,000 the bet. 




94.01 – 96.07%


In the game, there are two wild symbols: wild and cockroach nest. Wild can land on any reel except the first and will substitute for any paying symbol.

Meanwhile, cockroaches can land anywhere, but their nest will always spawn in the open positions on the three middle reels or transformed through scatter, opening any locked cell.

Scatters, on the other hand, can only appear on the middle two rows, reels two to five in the base game, and reel five in the walk the line bonus. Landing two scatters in the base game unlocks the middle two rows on reel five. If only two scatters land, they will convert into one of the following: xWays, xSplit, wild or cockroach nest.

Moving onto xSplit symbols, these may only appear on the central two rows on reels two to five, and will split whatever they come in contact with, doubling the number of ways in the process.

Lastly, xWays can appear anywhere and will transform into a normal playing symbol. Will also increase the number of win ways.


The title comes with a walk the line bonus, the chair feature and a buy bonus option.


Starting with the walk the line bonus, landing three scatter symbols in the base game will trigger eight or more spins. Any scatter symbols affected by xSplits award one additional spin.

Meanwhile, landing four scatter symbols in the base game will trigger eight or more ‘the chair’ spins, also awarding an additional spin for each scatter symbol affected by xSplits.

Finally, players in permitted jurisdictions can buy their way straight into one of the different bonus features, at a cost ranging from x68 to x1,500 the base bet.


Per Lindheimer, Product Owner at Nolimit City, remarked: “A prison that’s become immortal by one of the best albums of all time, was a big inspiration for this title. 

“A San Quentin-light if you prefer, but it’s so much more than just a prequel. Don’t let the old school style make you too comfy, this is a violent place – and a volatile slot.”



To play a demo version of Folsom Prison, click here