Hacksaw Gaming is welcoming players to the afterlife to explore the underworld in Hand of Anubis.


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Ancient Egypt


Hand of Anubis is a 5×6, cluster-pays video slot that incorporates a maximum win potential of up to x10,000 the bet. 






Symbols in the game include five classic A-10 royals offering multiplier values worth x0.10 to x15 the bet for clusters ranging from five to 11 or more-of-a-kind. These are followed by five Egyptian symbols, each with a different-coloured gem, worth x0.30 to x1 the bet for clusters of five and up to x60 the bet for clusters of eleven or more. 

Moving onto special symbols, the blue and red soul orbs only appear in the base game and act as wilds that substitute for any low or high paying symbols. The green soul orb symbol, on the other hand, only appears in the underworld bonus game. Lastly, the free spin symbol only appears in the base game. 


The title incorporates two soul orbs and an underworld and a judgement bonus game.


The base game contains two different soul orbs; one red and one blue. On each new round, there is a chance of landing either one or both soul orbs, or neither. Both soul orbs absorb power from all cluster wins in a round, with stacking multipliers that are applied to any win the soul orbs are a part of. 

The multiplier on the red soul orb increases by x1 for each symbol in every cluster win, while the multiplier on the blue soul orb increases by x1 per winning cluster. The multiplier resets on every new round. If both orbs connect to a winning cluster the multipliers on them multiply each other. 

Moving onto the underworld bonus game, this is activated by landing three free spin symbols. In this feature, all paying symbols from the base game reappear together with a special green soul orb and a multiplier modifier symbol. 

Moreover, this feature has multipliers below each reel. Multipliers are increased when winning clusters form, increasing by x1 for each winning symbol on the corresponding reels. The multipliers can also be multiplied by the multiplier modifier symbol. The possible values for the multiplier modifiers are: x2, x3, x4, x5 and x10. 

When the green soul orb symbol lands on a reel, the multiplier for that reel is activated. All activated multipliers are global. The value of all activated multipliers are added together and multiply the value of each winning cluster. Each time a multiplier is activated, three additional spins are awarded. The maximum value per multiplier is x9,999. 

Meanwhile, in the underworld bonus feature, the symbols from the base game are replaced by special block symbols. This feature has multipliers above each reel. Multipliers are increased by landing multiplier modifier blocks, which can be either adding or multiplying.

There are normal and epic variants of both blocks, which affect either only the multiplier in the reel where they land, or all multipliers. 

Adding modifiers values can be: skull – x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x10, x25, x50 and x100; or epic skull – x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x10, x25, x50 and x100. 

Multiplying modifier values, on the other hand, can be an anubis skull – x2, x3, x4, x5 and x10 – or epic anubis skull – x2, x3, x4, x5 and x10.

When an ice block drops onto the grid, it will be crushed and a multiplier block will drop from the multiplier above the reel and fill the empty space. The value on each multiplier block is equal to the value of the reel multiplier where they drop. At the end of each drop, multiplier blocks fall to the bottom of the grid, where they stick and stack on top of each other to gradually fill up the grid. 

Furthermore, there is also a special crusher block that falls through all other blocks to the bottom of the grid and destroys all multiplier blocks in its path to make room for new ones to drop in. When the crusher block reaches the bottom of the grid, it transforms into a multiplier block with a value equal to the sum of all the rest that were destroyed by the crusher block. 

Finally, every time a multiplier block, multiplier modifier block or crusher block lands, the remaining spins reset to three. 

When the bonus feature ends, the payout will equal the sum of all multiplier blocks times the bet level. Three spins in a row without a multiplier block, multiplier modifier block or crusher block ends the feature. 



To play a demo version of Hand of Anubis, click here.