Embrace the darker side of the Harlequin in Red Tiger’s latest title in its burgeoning portfolio with HarleCoin.


Out now




HarleCoin is a 3×1, one-payline video slot that includes a HarleCoin that increases the value of a symbol and Boost Spins which are unlocked with Scatter symbols. 


Medium to high


95.71 per cent


When paying symbols land on the reels, a HarleCoin may also land with it. Each Coin increases the value of the symbol until a win of that symbol type is paid, and then it resets. Each symbol type has a minimum and a maximum value. Once the maximum value is reached, no further HarleCoins can land with that symbol type until a win occurs and it resets.

Moreover, three Scatters on the line award up to 25 Boost Spins. During the bonus, every paying symbol that is not already at its maximum value will land with a HarleCoin, and symbol values don’t reset after a win. At the end of the feature, boosted symbol values remain until claimed on the next win of each symbol type.

Initial values are assigned to each of the paying symbols and are shown above the reels as stake multipliers. Each HarleCoin which lands will increase the symbol value until either a win of that symbol type is paid, or until it reaches its maximum symbol value.


To play a demo of HarleCoin, click here.