MGA Games invites players to ​​feel the rush of adrenaline in the fight against crime in its Hawaii Five-0 slot.


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Hawaii Five-0 is a 3×3, five-payline video slot that incorporates a maximum win potential of up to x15,000. 




80 – 95%


Symbols in the game include classic bars paying x2 the bet for a mixed combination of three, while three oranges pay x4 the bet, x8 the bet for three plums, x12 the bet for three lemons, x16 the bet for three strawberries, x20 the bet for three bells, x40 the bet for three green bars, x200 the bet for orange bars and, finally, x1,000 the bet for three blue bars. 

Other symbols include cars, used to trigger the free spins bonus; bonus symbols represented by police badges; guns, which increase the vertical line counter; and the wild, represented by the Hawaii Five-0 logo, which substitutes for all other symbols. 


The slot incorporates an upper and main game, five bonus games and evidence counter.


Starting with the upper game, in order to play this, players are required to have enough bonus and credits. Whenever a prize is obtained, unless it is a blue seven prize, the player will be offered to either risk a portion of the prize or to collect it, until there are no more portions left. Choosing to risk a portion may allow the player to either obtain the double of that portion or the equivalent value of that portion in bonus. 

Meanwhile, with the main game, each prize could either be risked or collected. In case the prize is risked, it will either give the amount of a one-level-higher-prize or the equivalent amount of the bonus. Once the line of the three bells is reached, the game becomes an up-down, where the possible prizes go up or down in the prize plan. 

Moving onto the minigames, these are activated at random when players land certain paylines. An evidence counter indicates the evidence achieved, which is needed to activate the bonus games. 

The accident bonus game is activated by landing three cars in the main game where players draw a prize; the passwords bonus game sees players unlock a password to win a prize, the industrial are bonus game sees players stop a raffle to win a prize; the industrial ship bonus game sees players select a door to arrest the criminal and win a prize; and the arrest bonus game sees players select an officer to claim a prize. 


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