Jade Rabbit Studio is taking players on an adventure under the Aurora Lights in its “peaceful” title, Let It Slide.


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North Pole


Let It Slide is a 6×5, 20-payline video slot that incorporates a pays both ways mechanic and a maximum win potential of up to x12,000 the bet.






Symbols in the game include four classic card suit royals offering multiplier values worth x0.70 to x1 the bet for combinations of six-of-a-kind. These are topped by five wild animals carved out of wood offering x1.30 to x10 the bet for six-of-a-kind.

Moving onto special symbols, wilds substitute for all regular-pays and appear only on reels two through five. Wild symbols can appear in six additional forms: sliding, sliding multiplier, sticky, sticky multiplier, ice frame and stacked wilds. 

Starting with sliding wilds, these substitute for any symbol, appear on reels two through five only, and appear during the Let It Slide feature. Additionally, they can be upgraded to sliding multiplier wilds. The symbol’s default multiplier is x1, but when two sliding wilds overlay the same position, their multipliers will be added together for the duration of that one respin. 

Sliding multiplier wilds, on the other hand, appear after the first reflection during the Let It Slide feature. These multiply all wins they take part in by the value they’re carrying. Multiplier values can be indefinitely upgraded through consecutive reflections (an additional x1 for every reflection) in a single Let It Slide feature duration. If two or more sliding multiplier wilds overlay the same position, their multipliers will be added together for the duration of that one respin. 

Moreover, sticky wilds appear in place of the Ice Frame once the sliding wild passes through it. 

Meanwhile, sticky multiplier wilds appear after the sliding multiplier wild passes through the ice frame. The multiplier value from the sliding multiplier wild will remain on the sticky multiplier wild for the duration of the feature. 

The multiplier value of the sticky multiplier wild can be temporarily increased if at least one sliding wild or sliding multiplier wild overlays it for the duration of one respin. Any multiplier values of symbols overlaying the position of sticky multiplier wild will be added to its current multiplier value. 

With the ice frame symbol, one to two (two to four in free spins) instances appear when the Let It Slide feature is triggered. Frames can only appear on reels two, three, four and five. 

If a sliding wild passes through the ice frame, a sticky wild will appear in the same position and another ice frame will be added in the random position on the screen. If a sliding multiplier wild passes through the ice frame, the sticky wild it generates will have the same multiplier for the duration of the feature. The maximum number of frames (both locked as sticky wild and empty) is 20. 

Lastly, stacked wild symbols appear as a 3×1 vertical icon, appearing only on reels one and six and can land either partially or fully visible. One fully visible stacked wild triggers the Let It Slide feature. Two fully visible stacked wilds (landing in the same base spin) trigger the free spins bonus.


The title incorporates a Let It Slide feature, a free spins mode and a buy the bonus option.


Starting with the Let It Slide feature, whenever a fully visible stacked wild lands on either first or sixth reel, it will take part in any possible wins and then release a sliding wild onto the adjacent reel. All consecutive spins until the feature is over are free respins. 

The sliding wild begins travelling towards the opposite side of the screen, moving one reel per respin in a diagonal motion and bouncing off the top and bottom edges of the screen. Sliding wilds passing through any visible ice frames turns them into sticky wilds until the feature ends. 

Once the sliding wild reaches reel five (if it started from the left) or reel two (if it started from the right), it will have a chance to bounce back and start travelling in the opposite direction, therefore continuing the series of respins. 

To bounce back, the sliding wild needs to hit any part of the stacked wild on the next respin. After the bounce, the sliding wild becomes the sliding multiplier wild with the multiplier value increased by one. Sliding multiplier wilds can bounce off stacked wilds on reel one and six an unlimited number of times, therefore increasing their multiplier indefinitely as long as the feature is in progress. 

Moving onto the free spins bonus, this is activated by landing two fully visible stacked wilds on reel one and six. The feature begins with two sliding wilds on opposite sides of the screen. Free spins are unlimited and continue as long as there is at least one sliding wild or sliding multiplier wild present on the screen. 

As a final incentive, the free spins bonus can be activated instantly via the bonus buy option for a fixed price of x57 the active bet. 


Roger Admeus, Managing Director at Jade Rabbit Studio, noted: “Let It Slide packs plenty of wilds into a fun-filled hit, combining a pays both ways mechanic with a potentially unlimited bonus round for an action-packed icy adventure!”