Play’n GO has embarked on a “rampage of rock” with its heavy metal title featuring the Finnish band Lordi in Lordi Reel Monsters.


Out now


Branded / Heavy metal


Lordi Reel Monsters is a 7×7, cluster-pays video slot that incorporates a maximum win potential of up to x4,000 the bet.




84.20 – 96.20%


Symbols in the game include five low-paying tokens worth x0.1 to x5 the bet for clusters of five, and x10 to x50 the bet for clusters of fifteen or more-of-a-kind. Meanwhile, high-pays are represented by five characters, paying out x1 to x2.5 the bet for clusters of five, and x100 to x250 the bet for clusters of fifteen or more.

Moving onto special symbols, wilds substitute for all other icons. 


The title incorporates cascading wins, a monster charger, a demon charger and a free spins bonus.


In the game, each winning symbol counts as a +1 charge in the monster charger, which comes with two levels. When 15 charges have been collected, a Monster is released, and when 40 charges are achieved, a free spin is awarded.

When cascades end, and there are 15 or more charges on the monster charger, a random monster modifier is triggered: Mr Lordi, adding five to eight wild symbols to the grid; Hella, destroying all symbols in view except for wilds and one or two chosen symbol types; Amen, upgrading two to five symbol types to different symbol types; Hiisi, selecting a symbol to build up a winning cluster, and Mana, turning one symbol type into wilds.

Moving onto the free spins bonus, A single spin activates if all wins are counted and there are 40 charges in the monster charger. 

One of two free spin features can be selected: reel monsters adds a cascade multiplier, while better hate than never adds a wild collector. 

With the cascade multiplier, a multiplier is applied to all wins, starting at one and increasing by one on each winning cascade. Two monsters are guaranteed. 

With the wild collector, on the other hand, winning wilds are collected and three monsters are guaranteed. After the monsters, wilds are added back to the grid, but only five to 10 at once. Wins are counted and more wilds are added. This continues until all wilds are used up. Wilds landing in this phase are not collected. 


Head of Games at Play’n GO, Charlotte Miliziano, remarked: “‘Our ever-growing portfolio of Music IP titles is beyond compare. We get to explore different genres and subgenres which cements our versatility and diversity within the industry further.

“We place a lot of focus on our characters and their stories in our games, and each member of Lordi lends themselves to the game’s narrative. The fact that each member already has a backstory was a bonus.

“Players come to us to be entertained, and they’ll get more than they bargained for with Lordi Reel Monsters.”



To play a demo version of Lordi Reel Monsters, click here.