Gaming Corps is celebrating the Chinese New Year with the launch of its culturally rich new title, Lucky Yuanbao.


Out now


Chinese New Year


Lucky Yuanbao is a 5×5 video slot which incorporates a payout determined by a bet multiplier that grows with each successful move.




96.59 – 97.32


Tiles in the game consist of either gold Yuanbao or red firecrackers. Moreover, the tiles are traditional red envelopes which are a symbol of good luck. 

With every red envelope opened to reveal a yuanbao, the total winnings increase. Players may cash out the winnings after each revealed tile, but if they hit an angry firecracker all progress is lost. Moreover, players can also set the number of firecrackers on the grid between one and 24 – the more firecrackers the higher the risk. 

The player decides how long to stay in the game – cash out after one safe reveal or risk it all for the chance of a big payout. 


The title incorporates a treasure boost feature which lights up the panel when activated.


The treasure boost bonus is an automatic, random feature that increases the players’ chance of revealing a treasure as opposed to a mine. This increased chance of revealing a treasure is not a fixed amount that is simply applied whenever the feature is active. The level of increased chance will vary, based on the current status of the ongoing game round. 

When the number of mines is set to three, five, seven 10, 17 or 20, the treasure boost icon lights up indicating that the feature is active. This means that for the upcoming round the number of mines on the field remain unchanged, but the odds of revealing a treasure are higher than normal. 



To play a demo version of Lucky Yuanbao, click here