MGA Games welcomes players to Neópolis, the city of the future in its latest slot release, RF Neópolis. 


August 29, 2022


Future metropolis 


RF Neópolis is a 3×1 reel slot with one payline and five bonus minigames.




Between 80 and 95 per cent


The symbol payout values in this game change depending on the value of the player’s wager, with a higher wager offering greater multiplied payouts. The extensive RTP range reflects this. 

Low value symbols are represented by orange, blue and green diamonds with grapes and plums. These symbols can offer up to x8 the player’s stake if the right amount of winning combinations land on a single spin. Diamonds remain as a low-paying symbol unless they appear on the payline with identical colours.

Medium value symbols come in the form of bells, oranges and lemons. If the right amount of winning combinations land in one go then these symbols can offer up to x20 the player’s stake.

High value symbols are depicted as identical diamond symbols, with three diamonds of the same colour offering prizes of up to x1,000 the player’s bet, depending on the amount of matching combinations that land in one go. 

Bonus symbols include a UFO scatter which triggers a mini-game and a flying car bonus that gives instant prizes if it lands on the payline.


When players achieve a winning payout, credits are banked in a bonus section, rather than being applied to the player’s balance. Players can choose to either bank their bonus credits in their balance or save them up to access the upper games.

The upper game can be activated by collecting enough credits in the base game.. Once the player has won at least fifty credits then they can access all three reels of the upper game. 

With five different levels of bets available, the paytable for this title changes depending on  which bet level you are playing with. For example, on the lowest bet, landing three diamonds of the same colour will offer players x500 their stake, whereas on the highest bet they can win x1000 with three identical diamonds.

If one, two or three flying car bonus symbols land on the payline then one, two or six bonus credits will be awarded to the player respectively. 

When three UFOs land on the payline, the defend Neópolis game mode is triggered. In this feature, players must shoot three aliens one by one as they fly across the screen, in a space-invaders style game. For each alien that is shot, a cash prize will be won, if a player can hit all three aliens then they will receive three cash prizes. 

This upper game is a 3×3 reel slot, giving it more win potential than the base game. New symbols are introduced with this game, such as lucky sevens and bars.

Another bonus feature is the extra spin mode, where on a random unsuccessful spin, a free additional respin will be gifted to the player. 

In the upper game, four mini-games can be offered to the player after a winning spin involving the bar symbols. 

In the couples game, players must select cash value prizes hidden behind different objects, once the player has selected two prizes of the same value then they will be awarded that prize.

Additionally there is the Neópolis city mini-game, where players have a short amount of time to select as many random prizes as possible, with multipliers that will enhance the winnings if selected. 

In the robot factory mini-game, players must choose one of three pink robots in hope of selecting the one hiding the greatest value prize.

Finally, the roulette mini-game can also be played. With this feature, players spin a wheel that offers various instant prizes, whatever the wheel lands on will be awarded to the player. 



To try the RF Neópolis demo, click here.