MGA Games has brought its land-based slot game, Santa Fe Mix, to the online world in collaboration with R. Franco.


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Santa Fe Mix is a 3×3 video slot that incorporates a classic single payline where players must land three of the same symbols. 




80 – 95%


Symbols in the game include blue, red and green diamonds paying out x0.40 for a mix of the three or x8, x20 or x100 for three of the same colour. Moreover, plums, grapes and oranges offer x0.80, x1,60 and x2,40 respectively for three on a line. Lastly, a combination of three gold bells awards a multiplier value of x4. 

Moving onto special symbols, bonus icons appear in the form of dynamite. 


The slot incorporates an upper game, a main game and four mini games.


Starting with the upper game, in order to play this, players must have enough bonus points and credits. Whenever a prize is obtained, unless it is a gold ingot, the player will be offered to either risk a portion of the prize or to collect it, until there are no more portions left. 

Choosing to risk a portion may allow the player to either obtain the double of that portion or the equivalent value of that portion in bonus points. 

Moreover, in the main game, players can also either risk or collect their win. In case the prize is risked, it will either be given the amount of a one level higher prize or the equivalent amount of bonus. Once the line of the three bells is reached, the game becomes an up/down, where the possible prizes go up or down in the prize plan. 

Also including four mini games, these include: a ‘wagons’, ‘santa fe bank’, ‘gold rush’ and a ‘wanted’ bonus game. 

The wagons bonus game is activated by landing three window symbols in the main game. Here, players choose a lever to be awarded a prize. 

Meanwhile, the Santa Fe bank bonus game is activated by landing peak symbols in the upper game. Here, players choose keys to open safes to get prizes.

The gold rush bonus game, on the other hand, is triggered when players land three gold nuggets in the upper game. Here, they collect or play to find the best prize.

Lastly, the wanted bonus game is entered when three horseshoe symbols are landed in the upper game. Here, players decide when to stop a raffle, awarding the landed multiplier prize. 



To play a demo version of Santa Fe Mix, click here