Listen for the ‘Dings’ in Slingo Originals ‘ding-credible’ slot title Slingo Reel King.


Out now


Slingo Reel King is a five-reel slot title includes a Reel King bonus which is triggered when five ‘dings’ along with Reel King symbols appear to trigger bonus rounds.


Low to medium


95 per cent


On any spin, each reel can randomly ‘ding’, highlighting a section of the slot reel and lighting up an arrow on the Reel King trail above. If five ‘dings’ occur, the first stage of the Reel King Bonus is triggered.

The maximum nine ‘dings’ will award the highest stage of the bonus: Ultra King. 

A number of reel king symbols will appear and spin to award prizes, depending on which stage of the bonus is triggered. One to three symbols produces the Reel King, two to four can bring the Great King, the Super King is shown when three to five symbols appear and the Mega King is awarded with four to six symbols.

The Wild allows players to mark off any number in the column above the reel position in which it lands. Moreover, the Super Wild marks off any number in the entire grid. 


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