Igaming distributor 3 Oaks Gaming has strengthened its armoury of promotional tools with the addition of Lucky Drops

Said to remove gaps in player activity to enhance engagement and retention rates, Lucky Drops sees prizes randomly awarded to players from a predetermined pool during a set time period. 

These can range from real money giveaways to custom prizes, as well as a unique multiplier option that can produce an even bigger award.

Sebastian Damian, Managing Director at 3 Oaks Gaming, said: “The range of promotional tools that we already distribute to our operator partners is highly regarded, and Lucky Drops promises to be another stellar addition that will be hugely beneficial to online casinos.

“Whether you’re looking to plug the gap during quieter activity periods or elevate the user experience with a complementary promotion, Lucky Drops is destined to improve engagement and retention. 

“Crucially for players, it adds another dimension to the 3 Oaks gameplay as they know with every spin, they could win extra prizes within a set period.” 

3 Oaks has introduced a ‘hot period’ to its Lucky Drops tool, which is said to boost retention by keeping players engaged when their activity drops in between campaigns and new launches. This software monitors an individual’s behaviour through previous gameplay and responds accordingly by adapting the frequency of the promotional tool. 

Lucky Drops joins the company’s range of promotional products, which includes network tournaments and jackpots.