Fire in the hole! Cannonballs fly across the screen in Evoplay’s latest mediaeval-themed instant game release, Cursed Castle

In this title, players are tasked with placing their bets and shooting a cannon at a castle wall. If the cannon misses the castle, with a forcefield shield being placed around the walls by a wizard, players will lose their stake. 

However, if players succeed in hitting the castle, a multiplier meter above the castle will progress, starting at x2 and increasing to x4, x12, x20 or x32 if players can hit the castle consecutively two, three, four and five times without the forcefield appearing. 

Players can cash out their winnings at any point on the multiplier meter, but will hope to cash out as far along as possible to gain the highest multiplier possible. 

Additionally, a critical strike feature can occur at any random point in the game, awarding the game’s maximum win of x32. The game offers an RTP of 96 per cent. 

Ivan Kravchuk, CEO at Evoplay, stated: “Cursed Castle immerses players in a fantasy world, where they can gain multiplier rewards by striking down the wizard’s tower. Adding more thrills than before, players can land a critical strike, offering the chance for the maximum win from a single shot.

“Diversifying the accessible yet entertaining gameplay found in our instant games with fresh themes and settings will capture new audiences. By incorporating a popular fantasy theme, Cursed Castle is poised to become another standout addition in Evoplay’s portfolio.”

For any readers looking to test out Cursed Castle, they can access the demo page via Evoplay’s official website by clicking here.