Galaxsys has strengthened its content portfolio with the launch of its latest extraterrestrial crash game, Starlight

Using an outer space theme, Starlight sees players set their stakes before a multiplier begins to rise as a meteor blasts through the sky. The game also offers a ‘starry boost’ feature that will instantly increase the multiplier. 

As the multiplier increases, players can choose to cash-out their stake at any moment, securing their winnings before the meteor crashes out of the sky. 

The starry boost feature occurs when the meteor starts to burn with a red colour, increasing the odds by a specific amount to enhance the win potential for players who haven’t already cashed-out. 

For example, the multiplier can be at x2.57 and when the starry boost feature begins it can jump up to x6.37, before continuing to increase steadily. 

Additionally, the game offers an auto cash-out function, allowing players to set a multiplier level at which they wish to cash out their winnings before the round begins. If the multiplier reaches this level, the game will cash out automatically.  

While using an RTP range of 96.72 per cent, Starlight also offers an auto-bet function, allowing players to easily repeat their preferred wagers in between game rounds.

If readers would like to test out the demo version of Starlight, they can click here to be directed to Galaxsys’ official website.