Merkur UK has made a donation of £5,000 to the UK’s Bacta Charitable Trust as part of the Merkur Initiative programme. 

Lauded as a move that underlines Merkur UK’s “strong community credentials”, the donation to the programme that helps “support smaller community-based good causes” raises the group’s charitable donations in the UK to £1.25m.

Acknowledging the donation – which was made on behalf of Merkur UK by General Manager, Sascha Blodau – was Jimmy Thomas, the Chairman of the Trust, together with Bacta Chief Executive, John White.

Thomas stated: “This sum is hugely appreciated by everyone connected with the Bacta Charitable Trust and extends Merkur UK’s tremendous support for community-focussed worthy causes. 

“The last two-years have been extremely difficult for everyone in society, not least the charity sector which saw its revenue streams run dry virtually overnight as a result of Covid-19. Contributions such as the one made by Merkur UK serve as a lifeline.”

Blodau added: “Merkur Initiative is all about providing financial assistance to those smaller charities that don’t receive the level of publicity and support enjoyed by bigger and better-known organisations. 

“So far Merkur Initiative has helped over 40 such groups including an animal sanctuary, a food bank in Manchester, an organisation that provides entertainment for children while they are receiving treatment in hospital, a hospice roof appeal, a homelessness organisation and the Gurkha Welfare Trust

“What I hope we are demonstrating is that it’s possible to be a successful commercial organisation at the same time as being a responsible, progressive and positive corporate citizen. I am delighted that we have been able to support the UK trade association and help it to continue its fantastic work in the community.”