Pascal Gaming has expanded its Non-Stop table game series with the addition of its fast-paced roulette title Non-Stop Roulette.  

As with most roulette games, players will be able to bet on which number, colour or range of numbers a white ball will drop into as they wager their stakes in short intervals between each game round. The total numbers range from zero to 36 with the colours of red and black.

If the ball lands in the zone, number or number range that the player wagered on, they will receive a respective multiplied bet amount prize depending on the odds of their win. 

Players can make a straight-up bet by placing their chips on a specific number, which will provide x36 if the bet pays off. Alternatively, players can make split bets, placing their chips in between two numbers and receiving x18 if either of those numbers are placed. 

Street bets can be made, which allows the player to place one chip across three numbers in a row. If the ball lands on any of those three numbers, a prize of x12 will be paid out. 

Moreover, corner bets are available as players cover four numbers in a row with one bet. Winning a corner bet will provide a payout of x8. Six-line bets can also be made, covering six numbers with a winning payout of x6.

Players can also make column bets using the ‘2:1’ button at the end of each column on the roulette board. This will cover all numbers in the column selected, paying out x3 if one of these numbers lands. 

Additionally, players can place dozen bets which cover either the first, second or third 12th on the roulette board. If a number in the chosen 12th lands to win, players will receive a payout of x3. 

Furthermore, players can decide to wager on what colour they believe the number the ball lands on will be, receiving x2 if they wager correctly. 

Other options for players to wager on include whether the number will be odd or even for x2, whether it will land between one and 18 or 19 and 36 for x2 and special bets where players can choose as many specific numbers as they wish.