SoftSwiss Jackpot Aggregator has introduced a multi-currency support feature to allow consumers to run jackpots in all required currencies.

Previously only available in euros, the new launch has seen around 450 jackpots being played, as bets can now be placed in different currencies, which allows for opportunities to multiply both the total number of bets and the frequency of winnings.

Aliaksei Douhin, product manager at the SoftSwiss Jackpot Aggregator, commented: “Since the launch of the Jackpot Aggregator we have received a lot of positive feedback about our new product. 

“At the same time, we have listened carefully to feedback from current clients to develop in line with the needs of our partners. One of these things has been supporting multicurrency jackpot campaigns. It is a very important tool for operators when dealing with players.”

Furthermore, for players on the online platform, the company has also introduced an auto-approve feature in a bid to enhance the speed of payouts to players by automating the validation of winnings.

“Increasing the total number of players involved will widen the reach of each jackpot, as well as boost their loyalty and trust in the draws,” Douhin continued. “I am sure our clients will appreciate the new Jackpot Aggregator functionality, and we will keep them happy with new features coming soon.”

The company has regarded Jackpot Aggregator as a “perfect solution” for running jackpot campaigns, providing opportunities to run an unlimited number of these amongst specific player segments.

In recent weeks, the game aggregator launched a client version of its back office, allowing its partners to access its brands’ data, meaning that its back office could be accessed by both clients operating on the Softswiss online casino platform, as well as those using third-party platforms. 

The move from the company was said to “bridge the gap” between operators and game providers and speed up verifications and checks.