Evoplay Entertainment’s “industry first ever role-playing game” debuted earlier this week as Dungeon: Immortal Evil and has been selected as our slot of the week.

Following more than a year of research and development, the game development studio finally released their highly anticipated RPG slot with it hitting the igaming market and is said to utilise “the latest in 3D gaming technology.”

Designed to be “mobile-perfect for handheld gaming,” Evoplay stresses that via the introduction players are able to access “the first ever slot-based third-person hack and slash adventure.”

Product owner at Evoplay Entertainment, Roman Sadovskyi, spoke to CasinoBeats earlier this week about embracing the RPG elements and staying firm through a lengthy development phase. He said: “Our idea in creating the industry’s first RPG slot was to merge the line between classic slots and immersive gaming – designed to offer our operator partners a completely new igaming experience for the latest generation of players while turning the approach to developing slots on its head. 

“Of course, when it comes to disruptive concepts, the development process always brings challenges. Our ambition was to combine several game genres in pursuit of a fresh and unique gaming experience. 

“At the same time though we were determined that the gameplay should be easily understandable, both for experienced slots players in search of something different, and for the new audiences that Dungeon: Immortal Evil will attract to the world of gaming for the first time.  

“We ultimately decided that hack and slash role playing games would be the ideal sub-genre. Yes, the gameplay is easily digestible for a diverse variety of players, however it is also highly immersive – with a host of engaging characters ranging from the heroic protagonist, a brave warrior, to the monstrous opponents he faces in death-defying combat.”

As opposed to regular pay symbols and patterns in slot titles, Dungeons: Immortal Evil’s game mechanics differ as the player now follows an in-game avatar throughout the battles with the game’s monsters and the money players win comes from the loot drops after being victorious against monsters.

Each victory awards players with loot divided by rarity: common, magic, rare, epic or legendary. The loot drops are then converted into an instant money outcome.

In place of free spins, and to unlock the bonus achievements, players must battle their way through a number of dungeon spaces, fighting with enemies who protect the final level’s boss.

After entering the portal into the Dungeon players must overcome a series of opponents leading in a showdown with the final boss, where a bet multiplier of up to 5000x can be won.

Every bonus level has an RNG determined reward, equal to money. Once a player is victorious, a chest appears which contains a random selection of a weapon, armour upgrade or health potion.

Sadovskyi added: “In true RPG form, the game centres around the game’s hero as he courageously fights the spread of evil forces who have invaded his land and destroyed his people. 

“Now seeking revenge, he must battle the forces of darkness to free his lands. The game follows his quest through a mountain temple, battling evil monsters along the way, culminating in an action-packed showdown with the game’s main boss. 

“As part of this, and another element we are particularly proud of when it comes to RPG elements is ‘Dungeon Mode’; which is in effect the game’s underground map, allowing players to improve their rig and skins by altering the character’s attributes, health and outfit; providing a fantastic platform to keep every player engaged. “