Combining the worlds of casino and video games, Emaki and the Sevens by GAMING1 allows players to embark on an Eastern adventure, slaying monsters with Emaki and his pet dragon in this week’s Slot of the Week.

With six different worlds to explore, Emaki and the Sevens sees players slaying monsters and collecting loot for winnings with its featured Free Spins round.

“Aimed at players with an appetite for adventure, Emaki and The Sevens provides an unforgettable entertainment experience featuring stunning graphics, immersive sounds and the brand-new Spin Quest feature,” explained Sylvain Boniver, COO at GAMING1.

“Marking the latest addition to our cutting-edge collection of slot, dice and table games, we have no doubt that the title will prove widely popular and cannot wait to introduce it to players.”

Within the title, each playable world is composed of three zones with various landscapes, all part of a journey of 10,000 spins leading to the Renegade Boss. On the journey, players will battle various monsters, casting special attacks and collecting Spin Quest Gems during the Free Spins mode. 

Located on the bottom left corner, the saddlebag leads to a menu with options that may aid players. Moreover, if players click on the egg, it reveals the Dragons that have already hatched which can be selected to appear alongside Emaki at the top of the reels. 

During the Free Spins, the number of winning ways remains the same from the base game which triggered the bonus. Players must defeat Renegade Bosses, which are revealed after playing the required number of games in each world. Once slayed, Emaki secures the egg and worlds become unplayable until the Spin Quest mission. 

Additionally, the title comes with a High Roller experience, which sees players start five automatic games by paying x20 or x30 the initial stake, depending on the choice between Traveler or Adventure.

In this mode, players have a higher chance to land wins and to encounter a Bonus whilst progressing quicker through the game.

Mystery chests may also appear during encounters or fights. These chests can replace any type of monster in the game, turning either into another monster, or with a bit of luck, a reward of golden coins and gems. 

The title comes with an RTP of 96.74 per cent with a medium volatility level implemented within the gameplay. Readers who would like to experience a demo version of GAMING1’s Emaki and the Seven can click here to be directed to the supplier’s official website.