After a late flurry of entrances NetEnt has claimed our coveted Slot of the Week with Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot which transforms one of Capcom‘s best-selling games into an online slot.

Including eight of the original characters, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Ryu, Guile, Zangief, Chun Li, Blanka and Ken, the 5×3 slot title includes Cluster Pays as it emulates the battle mechanics of the original video game by placing chosen characters against opponents and letting the reels decide who is victorious.

Bryan Upton, NetEnt director of games said: “In developing Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot we felt a huge responsibility to ensure our slot game lived up to the iconic 90’s original – a video game which has continued to entertain fans for almost 30 years,”

“Authenticity was the critical factor to the design of this game, from the arcade-inspired art and sounds to the game mechanics, as well as the Beat the Bosses and Car Smashing bonus rounds.” 

The low value symbols are the J-A royals in an old arcade font. The four high value symbols consist of two victory versions and two defeat versions which pay up to 30x for clusters of 15 or more. Victory and defeat symbols can also appear in 2×2 sizes for guaranteed wins.

Players select a fighter with eight to choose from and all affects the game in different ways.

Dhalsim places three or four wilds in random positions, E.Honda places three wild symbols on the same reel, Ryu places three wilds on the same row, Guile places two vertical stacks of two wild symbols, Zangief is similar to Guile but horizontal and not vertical, Chun Li place between two and seven wild symbols at random, Blanka places one or five wild symbols on the same reel and finally Ken place one or five wilds on the same row.

Upton added: “We designed the game to fuel players’ nostalgic competitiveness throughout the game play. We are immensely proud of the end product and we hope players all over the world appreciate it.”

Each player has a Wild Gauge that is filled by one point for each high pay symbol in a winning cluster. Once seven points are collected their modifier is activated.

Each battle round has two outcomes – win or lose. If the player loses then the Car Smash Bonus Game is triggered. Once activated players have to smash a car to win between five to 15 times their original bet. After this players can decide to pick a new character or continue with their previous character.

If players win the battle then the Beat the Boss Free Spins is activated. There is no set free spins, instead the free spins continue until someone is defeated. The four bosses are Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and M. Bison.