GJG partners with Edenberg to produce ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ slot

Slot developers Green Jade Games has signed an agreement with Edenberg Design AB together with the Rednex, the band who released the 1994 hit “Cotton Eye Joe,” to produce an online slot game Cotton Eye Joe – Moonshine K.O.

The game, which will be one of the first in a new “knockout series” from the slot developers, will allow players to change spin results to align look chests and trigger bonus features.

CEO of Edenberg Design AB, Peter Edenberg, said: “We see Green Jade as an upcoming, fresh inventive gaming company that really understands the Rednex brand. 

“Of course, we are thrilled to have closed this agreement and are looking forward to seeing the end result in the big casino operators line-up.”

Cotton Eye Joe, performed by the Swedish band Rednex, has sold over £10m records 26 years after its original release.

Jesper Kärrbrink, Creative Director of Green Jade Games, added: “We’re delighted to have struck a deal with Rednex Ltd and Edenberg Design AB. Our team is fired up and we are looking forward to making Cotton Eye Joe – Moonshine K.O. a blockbuster hit.”

Green Jade Games recent launches include Hammer of Fortune, Spin Bet Station and Coin Flip Deluxe. 

The game is under development with Green Jade’s San Francisco based partner studio and is scheduled to be launched in the Summer 2020.

The companies first Arcade Skill titles such as Spoils of War, Candy Wall and Jade Puzzle are also scheduled to be released in April 2020.