Taste the sweet success of victory with BetSoft’s new bee-themed title ‘The Hive’.


June 25


The Hive features a cast of bee characters, each with their own unique twist on the gameplay. Additionally the title features a 3-4-5-4-3 hexagonal grid with 30 paylines, offering a completely different experience compared to Video Slots titles.


Along with its payline system, the game also provides other features through the use of its bee characters when activated. The Queen Bee will summon a rush of other bees which will spawn around the hive grid. Worker Bees will apply their multiplier to winning paylines aligned with their positions. Finally, the Drone Bee will fill up a honey meter which will trigger the free spins feature by 1 level.

Each Drone bee will increase the honey meter by a single level. Once the meter is full (12 levels) then the player gets five three spins. The game will pay out both ways along cells which align horizontally and diagonally.