In the second part of our Spotlight Series, delving into multiplayer within slots, we asked our experts about the different aspects of multiplayer which can be introduced within slots and questioned the impact regulation would have in different countries. 

What are the various possibilities for introducing multiplayer aspects into slot games and is it actually possible to integrate multiplayer in most titles? How much does regulation impact multiplayer gaming within slots in different countries?

David Mann, CCO at Swintt.

David Mann, Swintt: Slots are not as interactive as video games – for the most part it’s sit and wait for some action but aside from one or two buttons, there is little interaction required so it would be difficult to have properly engaging multiplayer functionalities.

Some kind of communal wallet system whereby players can put money into a pot and watch one single slot being played could work, and splitting the winnings across the players, though it sounds like a nice challenge for a compliance team to make sure it’s squeaky clean. 

Regulations would play a huge part in how a multiplayer experience would be offered by online casinos – this is an area many of us will watch closely over the coming years.

Lloyd Purser, COO at FunFair Games.

Lloyd Purser, FunFair Games: FunFair Games wouldn’t exist if it weren’t possible to provide multiplayer gaming within the casino sector. Astroboomers: To the Moon! is a crash-style title offering a wide range of features, including multiplayer gaming, podium finishes and an integrated emoji chat function.  

Simply allowing players to speak isn’t enough to call it multiplayer. That’s why we integrate social elements throughout every release to create a truly social experience.

FunFair multiplayer games are built to ensure players are not competing against each other but the house, the same as slots. Even though they enjoy the same gaming session, the regulations are no different from other casino games. 

Ivan Kravchuk, CEO at Evoplay.

Ivan Kravchuk, Evoplay: It is a matter of context. If we’re talking directly about slots, then the first thing that can be done in the direction of multiplayer features is to give participants a sense of the ‘shoulder experience’,

Meaning, allowing them to look at the ‘screens’ of the other players. This is, of course, mimicking the experience you’d have with physical slot machines – a person plays, and their friends huddle around to look at how they’re playing.

From there, there is always conversation – people getting excited, giving tips and suggestions, etc., so with video slots we need to also add the possibility of communication, and then also introduce a competitive element, etc.