SlotBeats has gone back to Ancient Greece for the latest edition of Beyond the Reels, which features David Stoveld, COO at Armadillo Studios, guiding viewers through Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks.

A high volatility 6×4 reel slot with a maximum of 117,649 ways to win and the capability to expand the reels to 6×7, Mythological Mayhem Supreme Streaks features tiered bonus games themed on the great stories of Greek mythology, complete with wilds and prize pot scatters. 

Players can expect to encounter the Minotaur, Hades, Medusa, Poseidon, Athena and Zeus as they progress through the game, and Stoveld explained that the theme and the legendary characters were particularly suited to showcasing the slot’s mechanic. 

“We’re aiming for this mechanic to be about getting streaks. So as you’re winning again and again in a row, your win potential and your excitement is snowballing and as that happens, we like to tell the story through the Greek mythology worlds,” he said.

Stoveld added that the theme had helped Armadillo’s development team to focus on entertainment and new features. 

“This is one of our more creative titles in the sense that it is something different – it is not just a three-line stepper game or a mechanical,” he said. “Actually, it’s been our best game to date.”

Making a game that is packed with new features is good for players, insisted Stoveld, as they enjoy learning, as long as the slot is “intuitive enough that you can play and relax without having to think that much to understand how you can win”.

He continued: “As we get these younger demographics, or even brand new players, coming from all kinds of things – one example being video games – I think there is this craving for more action. Of course, we like to make classic fruit games as well, but I think it is cool to have some more action in the game. 

“We obviously have a great team with the ability to create these great destruction animations and these transitions to the different worlds. So, I think that that kind of helps with the entertainment factor.”

It is this focus on engaging and fun new features that will be driving the company’s plans to expand into new markets in the coming months. 

“We have three more games that we’re ready to have released by the end of the year. I’m excited about all of them. Of course, we are obviously going to have a diverse amount of themes and each one actually has a different mechanic,” said Stoveld. 

“But mainly, we’re excited about entering into the United States. New Jersey should be the first state that we’re coming into. We’re hoping to get in there probably by the end of the year.

“It’s obviously taking forever. There’s been a lot of frustration to get through all of the regulations and certifications, but we’re finally there. We see light at the end of the tunnel. So we’re excited about that and then Michigan. And then the rest of the USA!”