CreedRoomz: multiplayer experiences key to driving live casino engagement

Multiplayer experiences and the roll out of new features are two ways in which a company can help created an elevated player experience for live casino bettors. That was according to Christopher Smith, Chief Commercial Officer at CreedRoomz.

Speaking at SBC Summit Barcelona, Smith discussed the ways in which the CreedRoomz brand is helping to expand BetConstruct’s brand presence in global markets, before highlighting the company’s ROBA product – a robot dealer that “acts as a real croupier”. 

Beginning the interview, Smith looked at the ways in which CreedRoomz is helping to extend BetConstruct’s offering to new audiences. He said: “Since the separation and rebranding, it has given us more opportunities to expand our distribution network. 

“Historically, anyone that was using our product was doing so through the BetConstruct platform. But now, that can be done via our direct API. 

“People may not have previously been able to access our products because of integration issues, or any other issues. But now, that can all be done directly. It also means that we’ve got new opportunities to enter markets that we might not have previously been able to do so. That benefits us with new chances for growth, but by default also benefits BetConstruct too.”

The chat soon turned towards the range of products within CreedRoomz portfolio. Of those that have been well received by partners was a feature that transforms any live dealer table into a multiplayer experience.

Smith added: “One of our features that we’re particularly proud of is our own feature that makes any of our roulette tables into multiplayer roulette. It gives that multiplayer experience for any one of our players on any one of our games. That has been really, really well received. 

“On our blackjack tables, we have our black jackpot – a live jackpot running 24 hours a day across all of our blackjack tables. Players can win a small, medium or large jackpot at any random moment. That is seeded completely by us. So there is no cost to the player and operator. 

“It gives [operators] a free promotional tool, that no other casino supplier offers, to help them engage new players with blackjack. We also have a tournament engine that we use to run leaderboard tournaments, as well as many other side bets and features within games that aren’t offered by other live casino suppliers.”

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